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Steven M.'s Whiteboard
Dec 14 2008 by Steven M.

There is a lot of green washing going on in the area of green chemicals. As a blogger and member of Wellsphere, I would like to let everyone know about a new green disinfectant that is non-hazardous, disinfects hard surfaces, including children's toys in 60 seconds, and is EPA approved in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. This product KILLS the MRSA staph bacteria, as well as all the other superbugs that can make us sick and cause athlete's foot. A disinfectant that will not harm the environment, contains no alcohol, is not flammable, does not contain hazardous quat chemistry like a lot of products, no odor and is safe to use around children and pets. This is the product everyone has been looking for, PureGreen24.

Want to know more about PureGreen24. Please send me an email for details. We will be giving away a special package of PureGreen24 products in the near future. Chemically Green will have to hear from you to qualify for this package.

Chemically Green, "Green Solutions for Today"


Jul 23 2008 by Steven M.

Greetings to all Wellsphere members. Please check out the Chemically Green blog: http://www.chemicallygreen blog about the next post: Water Crisis in America.

This is factually research information and as Americans, we have not had to worry to much about water, until the last few years. Global warming and Co2 causing these problems? I am not a kool-aid drinker but I believe scientific evidence should be reported without the fear factor and tainted information. Want to know about carbon credits.

Congress wants to eartag payments (tax payers money) for big payments to the states if they will support Cap and Trade Bills. Bad, Bad, Bad. Cap and Trade is nothing but a tax and quess who will pay for it?? Three quesses and the first two do not count.

Have a great day.

Steven R. Mason 

Chemically Green

"Green Solutions for Today" 



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