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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I am married to "B" and we live 20 miles from Philadelphia in a tranquil, wooded area surrounded by lakes. (We don't live in the woods because we were asked to leave the city--we just like it here). It's a welcome break from the many days of international and domestic travel that are a... Full Bio
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How About A Look At Your Conference Call?

Ever wonder what a conference call "looks" like? Hat tip to Leadercast for this all-too-true (and therefore, hilarious) look at: The...

Creative Talents, But What Kind?

Innovation and Creativity permeate the pages of business books and internet storytelling. Unlike Project Management skills or Financial...

Make A Difference With Differences

I've always been bothered by the seemingly well-intentioned books and workshops that fall under some variation of  "Managing...

Fear: Success or Failure?

Lets be honest:  All of us have doubts that block us from doing things. It's even socially acceptable to talk about some "fear of...

Ten Life Lessons From Business

I'm not usually a list kind of guy-- and the title might lead one to expect thoughts on marketing, capital, or organization development. But...
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