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Planting Cover Crops and Green Manure

A cover crop is a quick-growing crop used to cover exposed ground, prevent erosion or soil compaction, and block weeds. Cover crops such as...

October Vegetable Garden

Summer crops will continue producing into the fall until the weather gets cold enough to stop them. Pick tomatoes, summer squash, eggplant, and...

Strawberry Planting: Fall and Spring Seasons

Strawberries can be planted in fall or late winter for spring harvest in mild winter regions. Plant strawberries in early spring for summer and...

Garlic Growing Tips

Fall-planted garlic is usually ready for harvest in early- to mid-summer. Spring-planted garlic will be ready for harvest in the fall. For the...

Late-Summer Fruit Calendar and Maintenance

Begin planning for the new fruit planting season.   If you live in a mild-winter region, fruit trees and bushes can be planted while...

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