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Steve Hatherley

San Francisco, California
My name is Steve Hatherley and I suffer from lower back pain. I first started suffering lower back pain when I was 27 (just after I bought my first house, although I think that was just a coincidence), and has continued on and off ever since.
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Pilates - not just exercise for your back pain

I currently attend a weekly pilates class, and while it's difficult to say whether its fixing  my back or not, it is certainly making me more...

Walking back pain away

I have found that my back pain is lessened the more walking I do. And by walking, I don't mean just mooching around the shopping mall or around...

Exercise for free

I find that the more active I am, the more exercise I get and the less my back aches. Unfortunately I lead a relatively sedentary life. I have...

10,000 steps

10,000 steps. That's what you should aim for every day for a fit and healthy life and to ward off obesity. I'm not quite sure where that figure of...

Bed rest for back pain

They don't prescribe bed rest for back pain any more, but they used to. These days, if you go to your local GP complaining about back pain, he...
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