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A Bit Rusty, Very Proud

Oh my gosh. Oh my, oh my. It appears that it has been about one year, 5 months, and 5 days since I last wrote here at One Dad's Opinion. Pardon...

Peg Board

Hello readers! I am very pleased today to offer you One Dad's Opinion's second-ever guest-blogger piece! This piece was written by my...

Quintessential Summer Day

Wow - we had a lively day around here today! Firstly, two of our boys - J and C - rode horses in the REINS "Fun Day" Horse...

Awkward Moments ... are okay

After Tae Kwan Do class today - a sport in which both J (age 7) and T (age 6) have achieved their "Camo belt" status (which bugs me - I am a...

Redefining the "Happy Camper"

I am a very poor blogger these days. Blogging requires somewhat of a repetitive tempo, and my internal blogging metronome has seemingly ground to...

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