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Stephen Schimpff, MD

Columbia, Maryland
Graduate of Yale Medical School, Yale New Haven Hospital internal medicine residency, 13 years at the National Cancer Institute and remainder of career at the University of Maryland Medical System and School of Medicine. Professor of medicine and public policy. COO of multiple hospital system and... Full Bio
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Lack of Listening is the Core Problem in American Health Care

The Crisis in Primary Care – Part 4 There is and will be a need for many more primary care physicians (PCPs).Why? There is a...

Why Is There A Critical Shortage of Primary Care Physicians?

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are becoming extinct.  It’s true. Not many medical students choose primary care as their career path....

Causes of the Crisis in Primary Care

The Crisis in Primary Care –Part 2 Primary care physicians (PCPs) have too little time per patient which means too many referrals...

The Meaning And Depth of the Primary Care Crisis

The Crisis in Primary Care – Part 1 of a Series The primary care physician (PCP) should be the backbone of the American healthcare...

How Many Patients Should A Primary Care Physician Care For?

The answer is probably about 1000 or less. But most primary care physicians (PCPs) have a panel of perhaps 2,500 patients and...
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