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I wrestled with weight issues from a very early age. Through an understanding of the human body & digestion process, I have found the easiest way to lose weight rapidly and keep it off, is through a method of Food Combining known as Trophology. By following my guidance and recipes,... Full Bio
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Study Finds The Most Addictive Foods

Well, I don’t know if this is considered “Good News”, “Bad News” or “OLD NEWS”, but it is definitely something I have dealt with... The...

Deadly Dog Food? Keep Your Fur Babies Safe!

Just on the heels of Nestle’s announcement to remove all artificial colors and flavors from it’s candy, a dog owner from San Francisco...

Silent Signs Of A Heart Attack

More than 1 million Americans suffer a heart attack every year. While the vast majority of people will have a heart attack with...

Gym Machine Ab Workout

For many, the hardest part of working out is not doing cardio,heavy squats or spin classes, it’s simply walking into the gym. Even I prefer...

Home Remedies For Toothaches

While dentistry has come a long way over the years, many people still fear a visit to the dentist, even when they are suffering with... The...

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