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Greetings! Stephanie here, a Chicago resident and I am proud to say...a patient with a HISTORY of Ulcerative Colitis. After being diagnosed on my 18th birthday with UC, I endured a four year long struggle with an unfamiliar enemy. I didn't realize how much this disease would dictate the course of... Full Bio
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Good Belly 12 Day Challenge

Greetings, my belly buddies! So last month I took the Good Belly 12 Day Challenge.  Good Belly is a company that makes a dairy-free,...

Life: Redux

Hello, hello! Spring is upon us. Cue the classic analogies to new love, cleansing, and rebirth. Yahoo! I wanted to take a break from all the...

What the hell is a temporary ileostomy?

Greetings and salutations, readers. So, in my last post I provided a general overview of the procedure ileoanal anastamosis, more commonly...

In Layman’s Terms: A Breakdown of Ileoanal Anastomosis (aka J-pouch Surgery)

Hello, friends.  I would like to be more proactive on the blog here in 2014 (a resolution I intend to keep this year). I get a number of...

3 Years Ostomy Free! J-Pouch Life

Greetings all! Well, it is official. 3 years since my ostomy removal surgery.  Here’s some things I have learned since then: -A cup...

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Thanks Stephanie for your good advice I'll keep it in mind when we take our trip to Calif.


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can you please tell me how we can use the small bathrooms on planes?