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Come here for simple and practical tips on how to embrace healthy living. As a Dietitian-to-be and an adventurous cook, I'll like to share with you my culinary experiences with cooking healthy and delicious food and as a bonus, I'll even throw in some nutrition tips here and there to help you more... Full Bio
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I’ve Moved!

Hello everyone! It’s been really fun blogging at Juicy Fresh Bites, but at times I feel like I’ve lost focus of why I started blogging at...

6 Ways to Enjoy Winter Squash

Photo by Mexicanwave I hate the chilly wind that slaps against my face whenever I’m outside. Each wave of strong wind that...

Community Kitchen: Whole Grains Fiesta

On Wednesday, I attended my second Community Kitchen session (first visit was two weeks ago and it was a lot of fun!). The first...

Zucchini Revisited

A while back, I did a Food Challenge in attempt to get over my dislike for zucchinis. Unfortunately, that did not go too well. I thought...

The Multi-Purpose Dressing: Sweet Soy Sauce

Ever since I’ve got my hands on the The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook , I haven’t been able to put it down. All the photos look amazing and all the...

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