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Stephanie B.

Los Angeles, California
I am a well-being coach, energy healer and hypnotherapist. I have a fun, down-to-earth approach. ============================== Please check out my yoga blog, Namasteph: ============================== P.S. If something I have said in a topic here inspires you to want to email me privately to discuss, may I suggest you post your response publicly? I am here to help build the community. I would prefer to not get into private email exchanges over topics as this does not benefit... Full Bio
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Apr 02 2013 by Tomahawk
Keep Smiling
Aug 31 2009 by Nour
I agree with u ...In fact being incredibly rich or marvellously good-looking is not the key to happiness. In order for us to experience endure contentment and well-being..we have to be genuine,authentic...that is be true to our inner u mentioned its a whole process that starts from within. In one word we have to be the person that we were born to be...Unconditional love and acceptance for oneself.
Feb 01 2008 by Nirmala N.


I found this really interesting book that you can download online: 

Given your interest in spiritual fraudulence/how to uncover the darker aspects of spiritual movements, I thought you might find it interesting! 

Dec 12 2007 by Dmitriy P.
Thank you! haha.. thanks for the advise:) (and i do love partyin...)
Dec 12 2007 by Ron G.
Great advice! All great observations! I've forwarded your comments to the developers to address immediately.