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Stephanie West Allen, JD, practiced law in California for several years, held offices in local bar associations, and wrote chapters for California Continuing Education of the Bar. While in CA, Stephanie completed a number of five-day mediation training programs, including several with the Center... Full Bio
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Adding "neuro" to a word supposedly adds credibility but often signals neurohype

Listen to Christian Jarrett, neuroscientist turned science writer, describing the many myths about the brain covered in today's media (

Seven challenges when using the neuroscience lens to see the world

Over the years, I have learned that people reading this blog come from a wide range of belief systems, including atheist, agnostic, and those...

Wish to learn more about learning? Two new books on changing the brain through learning

T-shirt from this year's APS conference Does resolving conflict require learning? Typically, yes, of course. If no one in the dispute learns...

Neuroscientist describes darker side of meditation to the Dalai Lama and he responds

Click to watch Dr. Willoughby Britton talk to the Dalai Lama about her research on the negative effects of meditation. He responds that problems...

Evaluating science: The good, the bad, the iffy

Everyday the media report science findings and the journals churn out research articles. In addition to feeling inundated, the lay reader may also...
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