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I am lucky to be able to work at a beautiful office building in a bustling area of downtown Minneapolis; but to remain mentally healthy, I also feel itâ??s necessary for me to be outdoors for at least a few moments every day. I am blessed to work with (and for) wonderfully brilliant people... Full Bio
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December 2011 Posts

To everything, a season After a few months of relative inactivity online (but rather deep internal reflection), I feel like it might be time...

November 2011 Posts

A meditation poem A friend introduced me to a poem that I think is wonderful for a meditator to read/hear – and a very good addition to a...

October 2011 Posts

A tiny moment of profound awakening I possess poor skills in predicting what will alter my view, what will awaken my heart, what will touch...

August 2011 Posts

A reminder of why I meditate Ten months ago our 14-year-old sweetheart-of-a-puppy died.  To be more accurate (and blunt), ten months ago my...

The end.

And so, it’s over. My year (plus 2 months) of Yoga Teacher Training is officially finished. I’m now a legitimate, ‘credentialed’ yoga...

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