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Stacy Cacciatore is a mother, wife, writer, runner and is passionate about health, fitness and wellness. Stacy pens the popular health and fitness blog, Five a Day the Fun Way, which provides healthy eating recipes, tips, activities and games for making eating healthy fun for the entire family.... Full Bio
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Trend Five: Virtual Races

I not ashamed to admit that I’m all about that bling. I run for the medals. I love looking at them, collecting them and hanging them in my...

Trend 4: Green Tea Matcha

Green tea matcha is all the rage right now in the fitness industry because of its tremendous health and weight loss benefits. Green tea...

Trend 3: Trendy Gym

So today was a big day for me. I moved from my home office to a permanent work space uptown. One of the perks of working uptown is access to...

Trend 2 – Turbo Kickbox

There’s kickbox, then there’s turbo kickbox. One small word, one big difference. Turbo is derived from the Greek word τύρβη, meaning “wake”....

Week 1 – Air Fit

The hottest new fitness trend will have you floating on air…literally. Air Fit is an intense fitness class, in which participants hang from...

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