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Stacy Cacciatore is a mother, wife, writer, runner and is passionate about health, fitness and wellness. Stacy pens the popular health and fitness blog, Five a Day the Fun Way, which provides healthy eating recipes, tips, activities and games for making eating healthy fun for the entire family.... Full Bio
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Homemade Cookie Dough Lara Bar

I LOVE cookie dough. Homemade cookie dough Lara Bars I love cookie dough more than actual cookies.   I make cookies just so...

Paleo Green Goddess Dip

One of the tenets of the Paleo diet is bidding farewell to commercially prepared salad dressings. This is particularly sad for me...

Paleo Pizza

  It’s week two of the Paleo Challenge and my palate is getting a little bored of chicken breasts, broccoli and spinach. I decided to...

Paleo Brownies

I started a six week Paleo Challenge as part of the Cross Fit box I joined. It’s Day 6 and I’m already having significant sugar cravings....

Lunch, by me! now available

Are you looking to save time, money and stress? Are you tired of rushing in the morning to pack your kid’s lunch? Do you feel that you are...

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