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My blog is about my real life. I like to say that the 5 'f's' are what make me who I am and make my life worth living. In no particular order they are my fitness, my friends, my family, my faith and my food. If you have a passion for these things too then you should definitely check out my blog... Full Bio
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Margaritas with the Moms

How was everyone’s weekend? In case you missed it, Cinco de Mayo was Saturday (as if I needed an excuse to eat Mexican and drink a...

The Final Week

It’s pretty darn crazy to me that I will be done with college one week from tomorrow. In my head, I think I’m still in high school most of the...

Hello Again

Dang. It’s been a few months shy of a year since I did this whole blogging thing. Where have I been you ask? Well, for starters I was a...

My Blogging Sabbatical

Dang – when did it become July? My last post was what? March? Geez…how terrible! Well, I promise to dedicate a whole blog to the reasoning...

My Running Story Part III: Ready, Set, GO!

Here, part 3 of my little running story… So I found the race. I found the motivation to run. Now, I needed to find a training program. I’m...

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