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I am a mom of a young child with Legg Calve Perthes Disease. I have been blogging about his and our family's experience for the last 18 months since he was diagnosed and started treatment. This is a childhood illness that has many unknowns in origin and treatment and even the most expert... Full Bio
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A Success story... almost a symptom free life after Perthes

I've wanted to post an update as it's been a few years and we are so busy living a more "normal life"  I forgot briefly how important it is...

Finally an UPDATE 6 months after surgery

Sorry for the long lapse of writing on Simon's recovery! Right when he was starting to get around and I had some time to write - summer...

The Cast is OFF!

Well, I still have a lot of writing to do about our Spica cast experience as I did not post alot the last several weeks.... been alittle...

The Best Thing Ever....

I never realize how wonderful the disabled parking cards were.... until now. I feel more guilty than ever for that annoying feeling I would...

Pics and more

Well, Simon is downstairs on the beanbag watching his brother practice pitching with grandparent supervision so I thought I'd run to the computer...

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