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Anti-aging without Surgery -Afraid to age but more afraid of knives and undergo surgery?  We always look for the best things and best ways on how to avoid looking old.  Have you ever wonder how to reclaim your youth while you do not have to go under the knife? For the millions of people that have sun spots and scars on the surface of their skin that become more prevalent with age, Zapiach said laser technology has vastly improved over the past decade, with patients seeing full results in about three months. Patients looking to turn back the hands of time have a non-invasive option that was most commonly associated with pregnancy: ultrasound unlike before  when face lifts used to be the way to go for patients looking to tighten up the saggy, loosening of the facial skin that comes with age.

“Ultherapy actually has an indication to lift and tighten that area . . . as well as the neck and also the eyebrows,” said Zapiach. “We’ll see results in the cheeks that it will lift and tighten the cheeks and jowls as well.”

But the doctor warned that not everyone is a candidate for non-invasive procedures. Dr. Zapiach also cautioned that patients with advanced aging may have to resort to surgical options.


Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to your Health! -Smoking effects on the human body are destructive and widespread.  The ingredients in cigarette affect everything from the internal functioning of the organs and target the efficiency of the body’s immune system.  Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Smoking causes many diseases and reduces the health of smokers in general.

The effects of cigarette smoking to human health are really serious and in fact deadly.  There are approximately 4000 chemicals that are present in the chemical composition of cigarette and hundreds of which are toxic.  

This is very bothering.  That is just some of the diseases that one can get from cigarette smoking.  Smoking can also increased heart heath risks, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer not to mention infertility, preterm delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).




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A very good article. In first paragraph the information given by the doctor is very important and useful for those who want to avoid old age without using knives. I must say it is a very good news for those people who are afraid from knives.

In the second paragraph it is absolutely right that  cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. It cause various type of diseases like cancer, stillbirth,sudden infant death syndrome and many more diseases.


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