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Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the west

Posted Dec 11 2012 3:10am

Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the west cheap the north face jakckets uk of Hangzhou, less than five kilometers from West Lake, is a rare city secondary wetlands. Rich ecological resources,

pristine natural landscape, rich cultural heritage, adding that the Hangzhou West and West Lake, Xiling, is the only set of urban wetlands, agricultural wetlands,

cultural wetlands in one of the National Wetland Park. Xixi wins independence lies in the water. Water is the soul of Xixi Park, about 70% of the area of ??the river

port, ponds, lakes Yang, swamp waters, "a stream a smoke, the convergence of six rivers of the whole park, during the distribution of many branching streams and scaly

fish ponds, views of the the Xixi unique wetlands.
After the beginning of winter, as the temperature changes, the leaves began to slowly change color, red, yellow, green leaves intertwined to form a beautiful picture.

Pack River Park, located in Wuhu Road, Hefei old one, South Central, Central the outsourcing River District, in the southeast of the city outside of the old city

walls, named the the Northern Song Qingguan Baogong and their descendants in the land of living. Pack River Park is a national 4A level scenic spots, also a new

addition to the memorial temple, package Cemetery blue sky Court, Lord Bao Memorial merit Square, the water fountain. The entire scenic solemn, beautiful environment;

lake rippling waves yacht; cross-strait weeping willow whirling, Kerry Wood and verdant, people paid respects to the sages, watch a good place to visit.
Since 2003 came to Beijing, bricklayer Song Qiang can not remember how much a house decoration only know how there are a hundred of. cheap north face new arrival 2012 uk

I heard news of a monthly salary of 7,000 yuan to move the brickwork, Song Qiang just smiled, two years wages really gone up a lot, so much to earn definitely still

out effort, or else the boss will not give him so much . "

Two years, Song Qiang think work very liking, because the salary waving Fan children rose to a monthly average has seven or eight thousand, five hundred a day of live

have all done it ". Song Qiang expected, the wages have to rise next year, because "nobody willing to do our job."


"Three-year increase of over 100%, bricklayer very lack of people."

Clear the north side of the road, the Xinglin Bay Area within a two-bedroom, pushed open the door, the house filled with cement, sand. Living room, bedroom ground
cheap north face 3in 1 uk
pipeline staggered balcony wall stickers, ready to tile, not hook line tile gap neatly form a cross.
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