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Wu Min Xia interpretation of changes occur from small junior sister apprentice completely to another sister

Posted Aug 07 2012 2:45am
From Athens 2004, London, 2012, someone gold, let Wu Minxia waited eight years, is waiting on hold for eight years. Guo Jingjing behind the limited junior sister apprentice 10-year-old was selected towards Shanghai team, 13-year-old within the national team, won the 16-year-old world champion, 19-year-old won the Olympic gold medalist, Wu Minxia be booked a juvenile success. Bon voyage sailing But picking in the World Championship or Olympic Games, her gold medal total and senior sister apprentice Guo Jingjing to share with you personal items Guo Jingjing foil. Athens Olympic Games, her Olympic debut, when Guo Jingjing won the Olympic Games first gold, Wu Min Xia a silver medal; the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Guo Jingjing won a giant advantage, Wu Min Xia as a consequence of mistakes only obtain bronze medal. Guo Jingjing and grand light under, Wu Min Xia always Custom Ravens Nike Game Jersey take away the fate of not supporting role. Lots of individuals mention that her untimely, the very same era, one master. Those over and above speech, however, would not affect to Wu Min Xia, she silently 10 hours of training on a daily basis to make the ultimate. Training hard, still training hard, Wu Min Xia, silently looking ahead to the arrival of the opportunity. Covered the injury is actually to adhere to Wu Minxia congenital hip, hip, outstanding problems plus more ! serious as we grow old, waist, legs, everywhere injury, rehabilitation therapy and training almost daily Wu Minxia compulsory. Besides these old suffering new injuries, Wu Min Xia already been congenital anemia torture. Her through the national team's head coach Liu Henglin said its more than 10 grams of hemoglobin, "hemoglobin amount sizing small for an individual to get acquainted with Aaron Rodgers Nike Elite Jersey competitive sports." Wu Minxia consider the 63 quite indifferent: "Sometimes I cry to dream, holiday will need to grit your teeth put in force. " The opportunity remain in those that never stop trying. 2011, with Guo Jingjing retired, Wu Min Xia in Shanghai World Championships finally much healthier first-ever individual gold medals, subsequently, she did start to really eradicate Guo Jingjing's shadow, big step towards dream. The modern Queen belonging to the Chinese diving In London yesterday, Wu Min Xia and rub shoulders from the goddess of fortune and in the end seize time, along with a wealth of experience and composure of mind and stood on the podium. Is going to be what she once said, "an extraordinary talent, how? I take advantage of a small amount of perseverance with the intention that changes occur." This victory, Wu Min Xia belonging to the Clay Matthews Nike Elite Jersey number of Olympic medals, 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, six medals tied Guo Jingjing, because of the latter donrrrt thing of the past Olympic medals, just about the most diver, they're also right after the Russian star Sautin (8) won the actual 2nd Olympic medal diver. She deserved to remain following Gao Min, Fu Mingxia, Guo Jingjing China Diving Queen. Recall his third Olympics, said Wu Min Xia: first as i am inexperienced, but probably during a driving trip, inside double need Guo sister (Guo Jingjing), driven by your single release jump to achieve the well. From 2004 to 2008 , injuries more, ideology seriously isn't mature enough, so lots of things on the running, during the heart to deal with bitter. history 4 years more difficult, but fortunately slowly mature, so in an effort to reload to now. " By Irvylchen 08.07.2012
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