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Why You Need Roller Derby Gear?

Posted Dec 10 2012 12:09pm
So you are all set to enjoy the roller derby this season. But, have you paid attention to your protection. If NO, have a look at the article to know more about most important roller derby gear that are a must have for you!!

Roller derby is one of the most adventurous and popular sport worldwide. Along with entertainment sport, it is also considered as the professional sport. Whether its men or women, it is enjoyed by people of all age groups. Be it a 14 year old teenager or a 40 year old women, anyone can enjoy this thrilling sport. If you are apprehensive about your age, then don’t forget that age is not an issue if you want to be a good player.

When it comes to roller derby gears, one of the most important things is the perfect outfit. Girls need to wear “roller hooker” that comprise fishnet tights, short skirt and knee highs. Basically, the choice of outfit depends on the role played by the player in the team. As per your preference, you can also go for short pants under the skirt. However, if you are participating in some commercial event, there are special uniforms of a particular style which also contains the logo.

Being an aggressive game, roller derby involves lots of falling and hurting. Thus, it is very important for a player to equip themselves with the right roller derby gear. But remember!! Whatever you wear, it has to be perfect in fit. Amongst all, helmet is considered as the most important gear for every player. Apart from helmets, a player needs various roller derby gears such as knee pad, mouth guard, elbow pads, shoes, shin guards etc. if you want more protection, you can also wear chest armor and tail protectors. So, no matter whether you are a pro or an avid learner, you must protect yourself with right roller derby gear.

If you are choosing a roller derby helmet, then you must pay attention to its fit. Never go for a helmet which is not perfect in fit. Always ask for CPSC or ASTM certified helmet as it ensure high level safety against injuries. If you are using a helmet from a very long time, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. Whatever roller derby gear you choose should be superior in quality. A wide range of online stores provide fine selection of roller derby gears at attractive price. So, make your choice now and get ready for your roller derby experience!!

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