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Weekend Recap a little late...

Posted Jan 18 2012 11:28am
Wow what a weekend!  There was great, good, bad and just blah!  First of all one of my really good running friends that moved away (boooo) came to visit (yay)!  We didn't stop talking the entire time she was here we were speed talkers it was hilarious!  We went to a Brewery Run with my local running group where she finished first female and I got lost but found my way back.  What was funny when I realized I was lost and there were no more chalk marks on the sidewalk I looked behind me and there was a about 5 people that had been following me, whoops!

Then we did some speed shopping, seriously I've never seen anyone that can buy shoes as fast as that girl and I'm fast!  On to grocery shopping to prep some delicious food for my girls night as a belated birthday celebration for myself.  Our second workout consisted of dancing with the Wii it was ridiculously fun!  Yes, I just turned 34 but I refuse to grow up :-)  Hey I just realized this is my last year in this age group for races, SCARY!!!

My doggie got to join in the fun!

Amazing cupcakes, I had to eat the one the dog had licked :-)

Chocolate Fondue yuuummmm!

Now to show you how horrible Awesome our dance moves are

On Sunday I spent the day cleaning and taking pictures for my brother and his fiancee, they are so cute!  But the house was sooooo quiet after such an awesome night that it was a little sad...

Now for the not so pretty... Sunday I went with my friend to attempt to go skiing and everything that could go wrong went wrong here is a list
1. We were supposed to go to Taos missed the turn off due to the horrible weather conditions covering the road signs with snow.
2. Decided to try Santa Fe since we were back in SF, well the road to the ski area was so bad that people were turning around, I decided to learn how to use my tire chains
3. By the time we mad it up there it was 11 and would be only 1/2 day but the winds were 40-50mph and zero visibility
4. Dropped my glove in the toilet and had to dry it with the hand dryer
5. My friend thought she lost her gloves and we ran around asking if they had been turned in, it turns out I was carrying them the whole time because they looked just like mine and I had stuffed mine inside my helmet.
6. I had my 1st wimp out day EVER in my ENTIRE life, I didn't ski!!  My friend lasted about 1 hour on the beginner lift.
7. On the way back someone slammed on the brakes while everyone was doing 75 and almost caused a chain reaction.

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