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USA Basketball three points of this world's rare and crazy NBA, be hard to complement them

Posted Aug 03 2012 3:03am
Record! Record! Or record ! ! London Olympics men's basketball group match, the U.S. team with African Eagle Nigeria match a list for the war! Or a wide variety of scoring record, the U.S. team, single game, hit 29 in mind the results from the 3-point shot stunning, Nigeria face belonging to the U.S. defense of rotten, we can think of, nonetheless U.S. team feel so good is considered the unexpected. However, the privilege of witnessing this record belonging to the war one in every of life's blessing.

First, bingo is that it from damaging the Olympic record in the first place, 50 % 78 points, damaging the 72 minutes prior to a Brazil team created half the listeners scoring record by the U.S. form mafias to 156, the record you must be broken again expect only the United States. Not surprisingly, this record belonging to the war may be valued at mentioning, or 29 3-point shot, excellent accessory for the collective feel, and also saw a not defensive opponent!

Nigeria certainly a competitor, met the American dream team, realizing that is unable to win, next the opponent opposite in excess of the performance from the performance, achievements for the U.S. team fight outside, all the game crazy shot 45 times, 29 times accurate hit the bull's-eye, the hit rate - 64.4%. Basket tonight opposite them which include the ocean wide, a very analogy is gelling this game.

Three minutes ahead of the next was the wedding rain game inside 2009 Asian Championships, Columbia 122-54 victory over Sri Lanka, South Korea match will hit 25 balls, nevertheless with 51 times shots. The middle quarter of this games, Mexico, hit 10 3-point shot, the Fang Chengyun a winner 8 the experience, Anthony hit 10 you may still find gaps.

Undoubtedly, the NBA 3-point shot record is crazy, January 2009, the magic off to the king's game, they three-point shot 37 shot 23, as well as created new record in the NBA. Course, as well as in this activity compared to the this record may be a large witch see nothing within the NBA record is 23 3-point shot record inside the CBA, is generated during the 99-00 season against Shandong Bayi. Cite these data are usually not memories of history, basically to prove the written record of the war, the U.S. team is too many and too staggering.By Chen 08.03.2012

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