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U.S. rapper Su Chaohao Cheap MARCELO Real Madrid Shirt 2012-13 door want to buy shares or teamed Beckham joining

Posted Nov 19 2012 7:34am

U.S. rapper Snoop Dog, Which Celtic shareholders want to be doing nothing, he has been ready for a few hundred pounds to join the Board. He has even talking to David Beckham and his buddy, claims to make David Beckham wearing Celtic shirt. Last season the Su Chaohao door Rangers were ordered because of the financial crisis penalties downgrade another big giants Celtic uncontested top dog now, the last match day of the Champions League victory over the "Cosmos" Barcelona. Brilliance they get the favor of the United States HIP HOP superstar Snoop Dogg (now renamed Snoopy lion), after watching the Celtics beat Barcelona game, he announced that I hope to buy some Celtics of the shares. In Los Angeles rapper Which Celtic shareholders want to be doing nothing, he has been ready for a few hundred pounds to join the Board. He has even talking to David Beckham and his buddy, claims to make David Beckham wearing Celtic shirt. "I'm very interested in football for the rapper to invest in sports teams is not news, but the investment in the football team has first been I did not watch the whole game, but I saw the essence I know Barcelona is a big guy, it also shows that Celtic is a big guy I saw Celtic fans on their team more than a passion, if any shareholder wants to sell out the shares, I Rod Woodson Nike Elite Jersey would invest. "Snoopy dog dog just want to participate, "I did not think too much, I do not want to operate a football club, but enough shares allows me to get to the top and I had a passion for sports, I put forward a queuing Celtic The person at the box office will be a big difference. "the talented but drug and singer said. 41-year-old, he was a qualified football coach, he trained a team of her son's school, but unfortunately, his son has now joined his "marijuana" team, he even put a father and son with drug video. Because the same at Los Angeles, he and Beckham became friends. "I asked my buddy David about the Celtics something, he means is, 'Oh, this detachment strong enough' I tried to sign him last season, but he was glad to there, Los Angeles his home, but at least I would like him to dinner we had time, so the next time, you know, I will talk about him, never say never. "2005, Snoopy dog pullover dog wearing a Celtic to qualify for the first time in public. Today, his favorite player Samaras, "I really like Samaras, he appears to be a good athlete, was a very dangerous player if we want to go further in Europe, and he needs to kick very well! "in order to express their serious, he even said he is considering Cheap KAGAWA Shirt to set home in Glasgow. The singer bought more than 30 million albums worldwide, said: I love Scotland, very glad that my the British ban (because of drugs and possession of firearms prohibited from entering England) has ended. I love Indian restaurant in the UK, but I've eaten the best in Glasgow! I always like to go out to live in the hotel people to take care of me, but if my investment in Celtic, that is a different story. Maybe I'll be there safe little home. Snoop Dogg will be in the next year will return to England, his new documentary "reincarnation" was about to issue. He is not the only Celtics interested in music, Beyonce's husband Jay-Z, also was photographed wearing a Celtic scarf. Chelsea seem to win the contest Falcao compete with Manchester City, because now Manchester City will terminate the acquisition of the plan of the Atletico Madrid God Feng came. Chelsea seem to win the contest Falcao compete with Manchester City, because now Manchester City will terminate the acquisition of the plan of the Atletico Madrid God Feng came. Atletico Madrid suffered financial difficulties, to enjoy the benefits of play off competition from Chelsea and Manchester City two giants, deliberately Falcao liquidated damages up to 28 million pounds. After last weekend Premiership 11 Manchester City 2-1 victory over Tottenham, Atletico Madrid general manager Gil Marin and Falcao's agent Jorge Mendes Cheap BELLAMY Liverpool 2012-2013 Shirts met with Manchester City's new sporting director Xie base - txiki . However, according to the Sunday Mirror said, they both went to the Al Ittihad Stadium is not invited by Manchester City, and they were told Mancini, although Falcao very interested, but offer a bit indecisive. Of course, there is a situation would change the attitude of Manchester City, it is sold in the winter transfer window opens Balotelli. Currently, including Paris St eyes and ears and AC Milan are interested in the introduction of the Italian striker. Early in the summer the end of the European Cup, Paris Saint-Germain on Balotelli offer £ 40 million, however, because the bar of God fame Zhenglong, Manchester naturally refused to let go. But now the bar of God in Manchester in crisis, French giants see hope again. If in January next year, successfully bid farewell to Pakistan God, that Manchester City might Crosses, snatched Chelsea a foregone conclusion. City manager Roberto Mancini said that although the team has Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli and Dzeko offensive weapon, but the team is still a lack of an absolute all-around players in the frontcourt. In contrast, however, Chelsea win Falcao perhaps more urgent, Torres is struggling with the dilemma of Stamford Bridge need the Colombian striker to reverse the situation. "Sun" revealed that the French giants Paris Saint-Germain is closely watching Balotelli, 40 million in January denounced him to dig Jack Lambert Steelers #58 Black Jersey around, Mancini has also been accepted Manchester City ready to kick the fate of the European Union.
This summer, Paris has 40,000,000 Buy Balotelli, but at that time was refused Mancini and Manchester City, but gradually lost confidence with the Manchester City high-rise on this Italian striker, a ball into the league this season Barlow Terry recently frequently caught in the transfer rumors disclosure of the Sunday Sun, Paris has prepared 40 million in January again Buy Pakistani God. Because of the outstanding performance in the European Cup this summer, Balotelli has become the star of the summer transfer market, while Paris was one of his suitors, but was rejected at that time in Paris, still did not give up looking for a new striker The plan, originally they planned to want to buy Atletico Falcao, but the latter is more want to go to Chelsea, joined Manchester City to replace Balotelli may leave their. To do this, get the the Qatar investment consortium backing Paris again to look at Balotelli Although rumors Milan clubs very interested Balotelli and his girlfriend Raffaella also about to give birth in Italy Milan clubs whether financial acquisition Balotelli is still doubt, Paris coach Carlo Ancelotti is closely watching the Manchester dynamic, as long as the Manchester City bar God put the transfer market, they will be shot with Milan double male competition, and more critical, Mancini wants to buy Cheap Manchester United Home Shirt 2012-13 a new foreign aid must get this transfer of funds, as Manchester City executives has told Manco - people must sell before buying! Last night, Manchester City overtake Manchester United this season, relying on a 5-0 victory over Premiership top rose for the first time, but the lands east week but shall not face the fate that may be ahead of the game in the Champions League, Mancini has admitted Manchester City now The goal is not to group the top two qualifying, but the third group to kick the European Union, after all, they want to qualify must beat Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund Results also hope other promotion, leaving only a theoretical possibility. Mancini said: "We do not have a chance to advance to the next stage, but this is strange football, we have two games, we want to participate in the European Union, perhaps in February, March and April also play in Europe game there will be problems, but if you are able to medal final, the European Union champion is also an important championship. "Adebayor opening just 10 minutes to help the Spurs took the lead, but seven minutes after the Togo striker fined next. Tottenham followed by the entire field in a passive position, and eventually lost the game. The next race of the gunmen is very favorable, but they have to face a lineup deep enough and Walcott renewal.

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