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Track And Field Jumps vs. Ballplayers Jumps

Posted Feb 02 2010 9:21am
Yesathletes in track and field jump (plyometrics) with different technique than ballplayers. Any jump program has to be designed with your sport in mind.

Track and field athletes use heel-to-toe push-offs when doing the long jumptriple jump and high jump. Ballplayers in sports like basketballfootballbaseballetc. jump using the balls of their feet.

Track and field athletes jump after taking a prerun. Ballplayers jump in reaction to unexpected situations or they must jump quickly from a standstill or running position.

Soyour plyometric program should include exercises that closely mimic movements in your sport (sport specific training or transfer-of-training effect). It makes no sense for a track and field athlete to practice squat jumps or standing long jumps. Ballplayers do these exercises all the time.

Plyometric exercises should also progress from simple to complex. For instanceyou would practice simple bounding exercises before progressing to depth jumps.

Practice exercises that prepare you for your sport!

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