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The Afterglow

Posted Nov 30 2012 2:44pm
Found this gem at trexrunner's blog
Now that it's been a few weeks since Ironman Arizona I am still basking in the after glow that is Ironmanitis!  This means you feel invincible, you figure you can conquer any challenge, why not I did an Ironman!  You think you are an expert in all things endurance.  You are so confident in yourself that it oozes into other aspects of your life.  And maybe just maybe you annoy a person or two with this attitude :-)   I can't tell you how many times in the last 2 weeks that my dad has called me and said "that was fun!"  I wander if the Ironman erased some of his memory, but he is loving it more than me!

But what has been nice this time around is that it not only did I finish I didn't let it beat me down!!  Sure I may have almost considered dropping out but last time I remember it took me two weeks to even think about doing easy workouts.  This time I was back into the swing of things 4 days later and am loving it!  Last time it took me almost 2 years to shake the burn out feeling, this time I signed up for a race almost as soon as I was back.  Next weekend I have a sprint tri and can't wait!!!!

My main goal is to not gain any off season weight then I will start thinking about next year's race goals.  It has been really hard to stick to eating less.  I'm CONSTANTLY hungry and am keeping a food log to assure myself that yes, I am eating the sufficient amount of food despite what my body is trying to tell me.  Apparently my body didn't get the MEMO!  Hello you are no longer training for an IM you can eat less!!!

So for now I will enjoy this feeling and keep my fingers crossed that we actually get a ski season, I can't believe how warm it is here for this time of year!!!  55 degrees really!?  The only thing I love more than triathlons is skiing! 

Happy Friday!
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