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Tello from right ball reached the restricted area, a small test chopper passes off

Posted Oct 21 2012 1:58am

The games Alba scored two goals, however, the second ball is an own goal. The 79th minute, Deportivo cross from the left, Ricky stopping mistakes, Alba rescue more tragic kick the siege kicked out of the jets, scored an own goal originally Messi hat trick to expand the score to 5-3. therefore chasing opponents into 5-4, once great competitions suspense. Reviews Alba own goal, it must be combined with the first two of the season Barcelona 2-1 Osasuna game, that game Alba assists Messi broke, because defensive unfavorable cause the other party to break. Then Ramach left and his teammates with the past Alves out of the way up against Busquets send mass, J-llorente the Dianshe break point in the goal area after 1 meter 84 tall Llorente put Alba pressure behind. Alba scored an own goal before today, committed to play Osasuna game exactly the same defensive air and protects the error. Beijing on the morning of October 21, 12/13 La Liga season 8 the end of the two games. With two goals of the last three minutes, Valencia 3 2 reverse lore Athletic Bilbao. After 2 to 1 Discount Custom Football Shirt victory over Valladolid, Malaga continues to rank No. 3 in the league and a 3 point advantage ahead of Real Madrid. Nine minutes Albert's shot hit teammate Manu Qiao, Manu Qiao inside the restricted area turned to volley at goal than 1.37 minutes Ailisewu Huiqiao Yi Sike edge of the area shot to break a 1. 81 minutes, Manu Qiao eat a second yellow card and sent off, Malaga 11 hit 10.85 minutes Sereno restricted area of ??the infringement Saviola, Joaquin take a penalty kick. 87 minute Hua Jinling empty strafed be saved, China gold follow up Qiuhou the go past the visiting goalkeeper Dani ball into the empty, 2 1. Malaga home 3-game winning streak, Valladolid away 3-game losing streak. 19 minutes Aduriz long-range ball H to the lower-left corner of the door to score, 0 1.26 minutes Aiji Sa restricted handball foul, Soldado penalty to break Yi Niege - Perez, a ratio of 1.30 minutes pass in the corner, Aduriz small restricted area near the foot Tui broke than 2.67 minutes Peabody midfielder Indre infringement Gago was sent off directly. Valdes 88 minutes in front of the scoop Bayern Munich Shirts 2012 2013 shot blocked Tarantino - Costa stopped to break than 2.90 minutes Valentino - Costa free kick pass, Valdes headed home lore 3 than 2. Valencia at home in all competitions four straight three-game losing streak, complete bar the game away. October 21, Barcelona and Deportivo La Coruna staged a war goals, Barcelona 5-4 win. Tello as a starter right winger, scored a "C-type" sudden strong strong shot goal wearing goalkeeper crotch. On the use and adjustment of the striker, the game Barcelona coach Vilanova Tello on Sanchez, David Villa and Pedro before.
8 of the 12/13 season in La Liga focus of a battle in the Riazor Stadium held Barcelona away 5-4 Deportivo La Coruna. Messi hat-trick, and assists, three assists Fabregas, Alba, Tello each scored a goal, the second half also scored an own goal in Alba, Javier Mascherano red card. The field of Harding Park, Barcelona still ahead of Real Madrid eight points. Is new to the field of game Barcelona striker combination starter fierce battle two national competitions, Sanchez, Pedro into the bench and off the bench to play only a short time in the national competitions Villa PUYOL 2012-13 Shirt be starting so Tello change the playing right wing, Messi center. Tello substitute last season played right wing twice this season is the first time I played this position. Just start in the first half, two minutes, Tello from right ball reached the restricted area, a small test chopper passes off. After 1 minute, Alba to open cans goals. 8 minutes, Tello high light moment come, Messi top of the arc to a comfortable points ball, special slightly ball reached the restricted area, saw his left foot buckle guard, right foot low shot, the ball from the goalkeeper two got into the net between the legs, Barca away a 2-0 lead. Tello scored two of which may be commendable: First, his speed to the other two guards eclipsed his stride frequency so that the center of gravity of goalkeeper swing shot, the goalkeeper no response; Secondly, this foot shot the violent aesthetic characteristics, bore a striking resemblance to C Lo goals of Real Madrid's classic routines Boateng of AC Milan last season, also in this region break Barcelona goal difference is Boateng volley upper corner, Xia Sanlu Tello hit.


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