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Taking Cardio to Court: Basketball for Bodybuilding Cardio

Posted Dec 19 2012 3:25am
  • Taking Cardio to Court: Basketball for Bodybuilding Cardio 

    Basketball is a popular sport for all ages. You can play alone, with a few others.



    Basketball can be a great exercise for the cardiovascular system. Playing alone, you can shoot baskets, rebound, run half-or full-court layup drills, and easily keep your heart rate elevated in the recommended range (60 to 80%). cheapcustom nfl jerseys wholesale Your skin will benefit from the Vitamin D and tan that comes from sun exposure. Your mind will benefit from the break from the horrid monotony of the treadmill. Your competitive spirit will thank you for the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making shots or winning games. And above all, you'll boost your metabolism, which leads to losing body fat, and you'll bring oxygen to your heart, brain, and other systems, the goal of cardio for health. 

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