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Table tennis, badminton or expelled from your Olympic Games? Media analysis of the three major reasons

Posted Aug 15 2012 2:55am
Recently there were numerous media quoted asia media as saying that the danger of being expelled out of your Olympics, ping pong. In line with three good reasons, marriage ceremony far-fetched. First, the Olympics has become engaged in a "weight-loss plan. The key measures some popularity typically are not widely anywhere, the possible lack of attraction and influence the project is taken away of your Olympics. Olympic Games, men's baseball and women's softball unfortunately become the first batch of victim isn't going to include the London stage. These types of projects in most countries and regions, particularly in Europe just isn't active, so your International Olympic Committee to cancel both of these projects. Olympic Games women's boxing, gave an utter of 36 players in three-level places. So as not to expansion, the guy boxing continues to be compelled to reduce a quantity, uniform 36 places for women's boxing. This is exactly why our players Zou Shiming , the previous Olympics to participate inside 48 kg class competition, the prevailing participation from the 49 kg class competition reasons.

Second, a solitary large, ping pong taking four consecutive gold during the Olympics, up to a point affected the promotion on the sport. Really don't tell Westerners say Chinese table tennis is often a jealous, envious Custom Ravens Nike Game Jersey jealousy hate. The fact is that, after the champion long period of time associated with one country would be all, and industrial monopolies, you cannot find any difference. Eventually, men and women will have fun with you inside mood? Supporting role, you can basically be a monologue. Output around the globe plenty of ping pong players. Very first Chinese nationality player to change his nationality, over 2012 will represent the different countries on the earth Series, allowing the sport has grown to be a Chinese game. It is understood that during the past has become actively against the Chinese team within the sport in Sweden, Denmark as well as other countries largely abandoned the resistance is not inside sport will be players who invest a lot of money. Eventually, table tennis, merely will not accelerate the popularization of hand, the territory into the spotlight all over the world gets smaller and smaller.

The International Table Tennis Federation , a genuine said, no longer about the Olympics, and also the World Championships has developed into a bet on Chinese people themselves. This has aroused the concern for the International Olympic Committee, they'll cancel the ping pong can be discussed around the 2020 Olympics. Another argument is usually that the next is considered the Brazil Aaron Rodgers Nike Elite Jersey 2016 Olympic Games to cancel the ping pong males and females groups, table tennis completely abolished in 2020. Facing this dangerous badminton. Pursuing the championship sweep on this planet Championships, Olympics, china badminton won all five gold medals. BWF and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) rule-making by various actually means to customize rules to limit the contestants seats, trying to stop china team swept the plan, however the Chinese team finally wrapped round. This alone enough to concentrate, along with the present day Olympics badminton women's doubles sudden, "fake fight" event. BWF punishment Why athletes have one important reason, function n't need the International Olympic Committee within this matter to understand the handle, so you can find sufficient reason to badminton expelled belonging to the Olympics.

Athletes for punishment "fake fight" attitude belonging to the Chinese sports delegation firmly and repeatedly stated, always putting the Olympic spirit from the start, however the Chinese badminton team head coach Li Yongbo (micro-Bobo-off) at first of any apology, the fact is, the guts is quite dissatisfied. He criticized the BWF cannot afford to defend their organization. If Li Yongbo this concept, We're afraid that badminton has long disappeared from your Olympic family. A nice BWF will not be about the capital as well as International Olympic Committee (IOC). By Irvylchen 08.015.2012
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