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Surf Devices Must-Haves

Posted Feb 01 2013 8:32am
Surf Gear Must-Haves

Apart from the suitable kind of surf board, there are several other 49ers jerseys cheap surf gear that a surfer needs to be able to ride smooth on any type of wave. Here is a comprehensive list of essential surfing equipment that a surfer - starter or skilled - would like to add to his / her collection


Obviously a must-have. Not only any kind of surfboard is enough, however. If you're in any way determined to learn or improving your surfing abilities, you have to get a board which will fit your height, weight, and style. Surfers who have liked the sport for quite sometime are believed to know and own a surfboard that will cater to their individual requirements. Starters, on the contrary, might need assistance from pros when choosing the correct surfboard. If you are new to surfing, it is easy to get confused with the vast number of surfboard designs and styles available out there Falcons jerseys cheap. It is then very important for you to seek the advice of skilled surfers and surfboard shapers before you purchase a surfboard.

Protective Foam Covers

A surfboard's nose and tail are prone to damage caused by consistent wave dashing. To shield your surfboard from early damage, use foam covers Ravens jerseys cheap.

Ding Repair Kit

Of course, despite having protective foam covers, your surfboard will still be prone to marks and dents caused by violent collisions with waves or rocks. You need to have a ding repair kit ready just in case your surfboard requires some minimal fixes.

Surfboard Wax

Cover your surfboard with this type of wax to stop you from slipping off while balancing on your legs or paddling.


In place of surfboard wax, other surfers choose to use footpads to prevent falling off from their surfboards while on the water Lions jerseys cheap.

Surfboard Leash

While out in the water, especially in big waves, it's easy to lose your surfboard once you fall off it. It is then advised for surfers to use a leash when out surfing. One end of the leash should be connected to your surfboard, while the other fastened on one of your legs.

First Aid Kit

Since surfing is an intense sport, expect you'll get a few slight bruises here and there. It is always the best preventive measure to bring a first aid kit along with you when you go out to surf.
Since surfing has now become a widely-recognized sport, it will be so easy for you to find these gear should you want to buy them. You could always check out online surfboard shops to get the best surf equipment out there.
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