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Sometimes we just need a reminder of why we do this! I had to share...

Posted Mar 29 2013 5:28pm
Hello Blog World!  I know I have been MIA lately but I promise I haven't disappeared.  I'm still reading your blogs and it has helped keep me motivated during this time.  I know that even though I am not able to do as much it will still keep me ready to bounce back once this journey is over.  Sometimes as someone who has been use to pushing their body and never having to say "NO" to a physical challenge I get a little down during times I do have to say no and that I am forced to take it easy.  I know it is all worth it in the end but it sure is nice that just when you are at a low point somehow the universe knows just what to send you.

I have kept teaching my 5k and Boot camp classes even though I can't always do the workouts with them and the progress I have seen with everyone has been amazing!  I also love seeing new faces and the motivation I have been seeing from these individuals.  It just gives me life and keeps me going.  Because I know that it is this that keeps me going and will always keep me active.  I will never stop moving my movements may just take different shapes from time to time.

So why this sudden revitalization?  We just got this email today

Good Afternoon Fitness Gurus,

I am really hoping that we do not lose these wonderful classes here.  I have to stress to you all, how these classes have really changed my life for the better.  I have had medical issues that were deteriorating my mind, body and soul for many years.  If it wasn’t for these classes that are held here, I know would not have the time or the money to get myself to join any fitness club. 

Since I have started, you all have given me the strength to push forward.  I am glad to say I have added the Boot Camp class to my workout.  These classes are not just a convenience, but they have enhanced my mind, body and spirit beyond what I could have ever expected.  I attribute that to all the instructor’s attitudes and passion for the motivation and making it fun.

I wish that the program that would allow us to invite our families to these sessions, this way I could pay for them and make it a family affair.

By the way, I am actively recruiting folks to attend these classes.  I haven’t missed a class and I pray that we do not lose this privilege.

Thanks for all you do!
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