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Self-Defence Vesus Martial Arts

Posted Jan 07 2013 2:50am
People have cheap Ravens jerseys many reasons to enrol at martial art schools. However, majority do it to learn how to protect themselves. Most of the martial arts move toward a sport or competition oriented syllabus. We should know that sport martial arts and self-defence are two different forms of combat.

In the competition of sport combat, the students are competing in a very controlled environment and are expected to compete in a sportmanship manner Ravens Torrey Smith Jersey. There are judges, referees and rules or regulations to make sure that the sports are conducted in a sportmanship manner.

Conversely, in a self-defence situation, things are totally different. The attacker will attack when you least expect. It is just like an ambush. The element of surprise is normally used to the attacker's advantage. Normally, the poor victim have no opportunity to response.

Good self-defence required common sense. In this respect, training in martial art will help as it teaches a person to be focused and to make quick judgment. Self-discipline and self-control are the elements of martial arts. Therefore, training in martial arts will certainly help in fine-tuning your skill and give you the advantage of being able to remain calm and be able to make rational decision on how to response. However, when you are in the worst case scenario when you have to defend yourself, your fighting or self-defence technique is your only ticket to safety Ravens Courtney Upshaw Jersey.

An attack could happen anywhere and at any time so it is advisable to always be vigilant. Some tips for you to remember so that you do not need to fight to survive. Prevention is better than cure.

1. always stay in well lit areas 2. do not accept lifts from strangers. 3. do not walk down quiet, dark street alone. 4. when stopping at traffic lights, make sure you lock your car door and keep the windows closed Ravens Michael Oher Jersey. 5. always make sure that your mobile phone is functioning well and the battery is charged. It is a tool to get help when you are in danger.

Now, should you get involve in a martial arts or self-defence lessons? Martial arts or self-defence which one do you prefer?
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