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Ryan Giggs has been a lot of Ajax FC Shirts criticism in the poor performance of the first half Newcastle

Posted Dec 30 2012 2:53am

Ryan Giggs has been a lot of criticism in the poor performance of the first half Newcastle, Ferguson am surprised how unfounded criticism like a day in a 20-year legend? Vladimir Jazz Giggs poor state because of their rotation, to criticize criticize him. Manchester United official website: Ferguson hit back at the criticism of Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Newcastle rare starter the first half and the team, bad performance, but the second half and let people see the old left Tianzun the charisma, he breakthroughs and passing manufacture several beholder. The outside world, or to blame the poor performance of the Manchester United half Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, This was Ferguson hit back. He said: "how can you criticize an effectiveness of 20-year player Ryan so proud and experienced players would Cheap Newcastle United Jersey like to play one more, and did not get enough game to maintain a stable state, but to his age, I can not risk the second half of his performance was incredible, you may ask yourself: 'How does he do that?' I am still curious why he has such a performance and energy. tomorrow I will not arrange his appearance, it is because he Wednesday consume too much to help the team win. he criticized incredible, I can not understand. "Manchester United this season, played in 27 games, only four games can do to keep a clean sheet, the league lost 28 balls, but flawed line of defense is not fatal, they are ahead of second place Manchester City has as many as seven points, Ryan Giggs, expressed satisfaction with the results BENZEMA Jersey now: "Of course, we have few zero conceded the screenings to be improved, but nothing to complain about our Champions League group stages, the league is also ahead of Van Persie to join the front line to improve the next level, and we do have a Rooney, small peas and Welbeck coach a lot of options up front. Manchester United round opponent West Brom # 6, Ryan Giggs dare not underestimate the enemy: "We know that given the opportunity, once operating at full capacity, it is difficult to stop is against Newcastle on Wednesday, creating a lot of opportunities, last minute lore team confidence high, can not wait to kick the next game West Brom this season's dark horse, Steve - Clark achieve such good results I'm not surprised he has held LENNON England Away 2012 Jersey several teaching assistants now control of the team, the team raised a notch. Brom in Hodgson coaching has been very good, the game will be difficult to kick. "Mourinho: Casey is not Real Madrid monument coach decided lineup this year The last game, Mourinho let Casey bench, Real Madrid 2 to 3 loss to Malaga. Mourinho insisted that his approach right to participate in the Dubai International Sports Conference and interview. Madman tough to point out that the coach is the decision of the people of the lineup, the same time he did not put Casey as Real Madrid monument. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of shots) not found Images Sports Images | View Atlas | (/ 19) forwarded to microblogging "I do not think Casey Leah is a monument, for Cheap Football Shirts me, a real monument Real Madrid, "Mourinho said," as the coach of Real Madrid, I always make the most beneficial to the team's decision, this is a very simple thing, no need to made very complex and very confusing. Whether players get past what kind of results, I consider only he can do tomorrow what. "Mourinho criticized by Western media recently battered madman counterattack media:" it is difficult to maintain communication and media, because no matter what we do, they have something to say. Even if we win, they can find other hype topic. many years ago, false news in the media is a big thing now, they are only concerned about whether selling newspapers. coaches living in many lies, this day may from time to easily last week was very tough, Mexico 2013 Shirts because we lost, but for me, this is also a fantastic week, because I have come to a clear conclusion: Football has changed a lot, but there is one thing the same, that is to arrange the lineup by coach. criticized Casey after Mourinho turned to praise the Portuguese help. The Madman praised C Luo, while maintaining Pepe "Portuguese Liga persecution" view. "C is a superstar, everyone wants to have a player like him, he has both personality and very decisive. Everyone know that he is the best player now, everyone should support him." Mourinho continued , "the Portuguese in Spain is very difficult, I think this is a historical problem, some history can never be forgotten." Mourinho how to manage the team? By dialogue or rely on the authority? Portuguese given Ajax FC Shirts his view: "a coach, there is always the wonderful moments and painful moments. Want to manage a team of 25 is not easy, and the country team players in their lives , football is the most important thing, must instill this point to them for me, the biggest goal is to motivate players every day. "Mussina finally talking about Champions League rivals Manchester United:" We will face a team with a legend coach of the team. Ferguson is my only willing to head coach and his drinking and chatting when I go to Manchester, I definitely want to spend, because I want to give him to buy wine. This is a shocking confrontation, we all have the power to beat his opponent, because we have a different philosophy of football. "

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