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Row Away.

Posted by Swati S.

If you want to take up a new sport, think about taking up rowing. Rowing is a fun way to keep fit and as a sport, it has a lot going for it. Here are a few things that make rowing so great. 1. It is a fairly easy sport to pick up. It's not very technical and you can probably master the basics of rowing in a couple of hours. 2. It is a complete exercise -- for both the body and the mind. 3. It is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed equally by those who are fit and also those who have a physical handicap. 4. Rowing is a very relaxing sport, for both the mind and the body. It takes you away from all the noise and the pollution to a scenic, calm, and peaceful setting. 5. The best part about rowing is that you can choose the pace that works best for you. So if you are looking to work out or work less, rowing is probably the sport for you.
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The hard part is getting coordinated with the schedule of the club/team. Somehow the rowing machine at the gym is just not the same!
Does anyone know of beginning rowing/Learn to Row options in the tri-valley?  I am hoping to find something as close to pleasanton as possible.  Lake Merit is an option, but they have not had sufficient sign-ups to hold a beginning class.  Any ideas?
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