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Rondo 6816 double left a flat legendary record 36 consecutive games assists

Posted Nov 25 2012 4:07am

Rondo Oklahoma City midfielder in his career to face can be scored 10.5 points and 7.2 assists in the Thunder's defensive front, assists performance far below their own this season, averaging 15 assists per game at home field data. The end of the last game the team veteran also insinuation Speaking of Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes Rondo 35 assists consecutive double problem, he thinks the team thing is to win re-consider the issue of data. But this game Rondo 16 assists or dual record of his assists on 36 short of a record of 37 games from the legendary Stockton.

The game face on anti-14 Westbrook, Rondo did not worry too much about, put up the rhythm of the team's band, assists Garnett succeed in the high jump. But the face of the powerful body Weiss Rondo on defense does not find a good way. In the last minute of the first section, Rondo just assists Lee fast break succeeded, side Weiss immediately a counter-attack and face in the next two offensive consecutive Rondo hit three-pointers. But to Section II, worked off the bench to catch up scores Rondo began his assists mode, first assists Green layup defensive steals the Blake Griffin Shoes Perkins, Rondo counterattack to the top corners, back against Tulane double teams the special and ibaka two big Rondo in double-teamed by two people, even the ceiling of the arena may not see out, but he was a high ball thrown basket unattended Will Cox dunks the ball empty. After the end of last season, have a photo spread among the many fans of the NBAnd Chinese photo Mavericks team shrink only Rondo alone holding the ball near the paint stand point line on, because everyone knows that Rondo third ball does not fly. Rondo in the first half in the case of unguarded or dropped into a record third. Whole game Rondo scored six points is not that much, but Lang Duoli pass or be able to help the team. The first half, Rondo got 9 assists, the Celtics second half The second half all score and Rondo. Throwing the individualism the Rondo retrieve team back in the first half of the game.

Physical strength and speed and the Thunder this team game, the Celtics completely dominated after the rest of the fate of Garnett, the team's interior defense and rebounding more disadvantage, but Rondo was able to use their speed advantage of faster and opponents deal, his use of screens caused Cheap Jordan Melo 8 immediate concern to the basket Perkins fourth fouls Perkins very upset, touched several times the head with a basketball. When the final 1 minute left, Rondo first ball to has to be bit deep Garnett, which cause foul two free throws, followed by Rondo scored rebounds promote frontcourt around large circle handed over to Terry, the Jets from beyond the arc Antiaris Yijizhiming. Rondo last time these two passing thorough the end of the game. The last game Rondo garbage time brush data saturation criticized for the outside world, but today, this match-ups, Rondo, or the passing of Kung Fu led the team to win the opponent.

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