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Rc cars- A fantastic technological invention

Posted Mar 03 2013 6:21am
When analyzing rc cars history, there are many amazing facts that cannot be ignored. Ranging from mini scale models onto impeccable heat engines and settings, these cars are a must see! Their design can leave anyone speechless. You can find out about evolution facts and interesting details. Buy a radio control car for Christmas!

They have experienced a strong evolution. Among the many new rc cars features, highlighted the steering knuckle, not determined directly but through a piece called "stub holder." In current versions of thermal track cars, suspensions direct stub need the front.  The responsibility for its development was from the Italian engineers, who with the BMT model revolutionized track geometries of this type of cars. The main innovation affected the steering knuckle, thanks to which it could regulate the camber angles (Pitch Wheel), caster and track directly from the spindles, with the wheels mounted, a new technique of relief.

These types of spindles were immediately imitated and adopted to the present in all rc cars self-models for track racing. The direct regulation spindles are also used in thermal models of touring 1 / 10 and, recently, also in the TT. Advances in motors, wheels and accessories have been permanent.

Initially people used to run occasional cars or circuits; this has expanded and fans do it on road courses, properly equipped and protected, and even in steps. Manually counting the laps, they have moved to place transponders on the cars for a computer to detect your way through the finish line to the nearest hundredth of a second, and do not just count laps, but the entire career management. In electric cars there have been parallel advances in batteries (NiCd, NiMH and LiPo) and motors. Continuing, the late 70's, and with no significant changes on rc cars for sale, they began to have a mechanical door, are the first cars of all-terrain (TT), adopting as a bar front axle models with different types of fasteners for the stub of direction. At the rear was not yet built the stub as the rear differential was formed by a long, attached to the wheels through an "arm shot" position in the direction of travel.

Later, top rc cars adopted the direct mounting stub (the traps are set directly to the spindles, above and below). These designs are part of this new technological approach. Many rc tech lovers are collecting outstanding models. Look for the best and most affordable design.

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