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Preparing For Hernia Treatment

Posted Apr 10 2012 12:04pm
hernia surgery Los Angeles
Having hernia surgery will begin in the same manor that most other surgeries do. Before having hernia surgery Los Angeles patients say that your doctor will give you a complete medical examination in order to get a gauge of your overall health, as well as understand your medical history. In some cases, you may need to undergo additional tests and X-rays so that your doctor can give a thorough assessment of risks and benefits that having hernia surgery may have in line for you. When going in to discuss hernia treatment Los Angeles patients say to be armed with specific questions so that you can understand the reason behind hernia surgery and any risks that may be involved. Make sure that you let your doctor know of any medications that you are on as well as any drug allergies you may have. This way your doctor can advise you what medications you should stop taking before surgery.

Everybody is different and therefore your doctor will give you a specific plan and instructions on how to prepare for surgery. They will give you a set of guidelines for eating, smoking, drinking, as well as a list of vitamins that you should start taking or avoid all together. By carefully following all of your doctor’s guidelines you can help yourself in having a smooth surgery. Depending on what situation you are in with your surgery, you may be informed that you need to completely empty your colon. Drinking clear liquids several days before surgery may be requested by your physician. You also need to stop drinking and eating by midnight the night before surgery, and if you’re a smoker you need to be prepared to stop smoking 6-8 weeks before surgery as smoking delays wound healing and cause breathing problems in surgery.

Most hernia repair procedures are done on an outpatient basis. The recovery time ranges for every patent and depends on the circumstances of the surgery. Patients have been seen to recover any wear from 2-4 weeks all the way up to 6 months. Make sure that when bathing after surgery that you are extra careful to not get the incision wet. You also want to avoid doing any major heavy lifting. Any strenuous duties should be done before surgery, or done by a friend or family member. Make sure to seek approval from your doctor before returning to exercise and other sports.

Hernia surgery can be costly, but most insurance carriers cover hernia treatments. The cost of surgery can be driven by several different factors. The type of insurance you have will determine if hernia treatment will be not covered, fully covered, or just partially covered. In some cases pre-existing health conditions can spike the price of surgery. Also, the price of surgery will depend on the type of hernia that needs to be treated. If you think you have a hernia and are in pain, do not let the cost of treatment detour you from having the care you need. Although hernias themselves are not life threatening, they can become a serious issue if they become strangulated.
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