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Popular Track And Field Games

Posted Jun 04 2012 11:47am

The most popular track and field games are running, jumping, throwing, race walking and multi-sport events.


Sprints and hurdles

Discuc throw


Middle distance running
Distance running
Marathon running

Jumping events

High jump
Long jump
Triple jump
Pole Vault

Throwing events

Hammer Throw
Discus throw
Shot put
Javelin Throw

Let’s discuss about shot put rules in detail

Shot put is to be thrown with one hand only. Short put must touch the competitor’s neck or chin as the attempt begins. Shot put cannot drop below that position at the time of action. Men’s shot weighs 7.26 kilogram ball of iron or brass and diameter will be in the range of 110-130 millimeters. Women’s shot should weigh 4 kilograms with a diameter of 95-110 millimeters. Shot put circle should be 2.135 meters in diameter with a wooden stop board 10 centimeters high on the outside. Before throwing the shot, competitor must touch the stop board.

A maximum of three competitors per country may compete in the shot put. A qualifying round reduces the Olympic shot put competitors to 12 for the final. The 12 finalists have three attempts a piece, and then the top eight competitors receive three more attempts. The longest single put during the final wins.

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