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Playboy Halloween costumes for men and women

Posted Nov 22 2012 3:54am
Playboy Halloween costumes are north face fleece a great choice for both men and women. They also make great couples and group Halloween costumes. Here are some ideas for sexy Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny Halloween costumes. Hugh Hefner Playboy Halloween Costume To get started making a Hugh Hefner Playboy costume for Halloween, find a red smoking jacket with black lapels in a fabric such as velour or polyester satin. Find a black satin tie to put around the waist of the smoking jacket. Also find a pair of black trousers and some black shoes. If smoking jackets seem too expensive, you can make smoking jacket out of a red velour bathrobe by sewing on some black lapels. If you like, wear a white or black satin shirt under the smoking jacket. Finish your Hugh Hefner Playboy costume by carrying a pipe. The Hugh Hefner smoking jacket can also be another color such as burgundy or black. To make a more creative Hugh Hefner Playboy costume, get a robe or smoking jacket with a fancy print north face jackets for men. You can also choose another color shirt to wear underneath the smoking jacket, or an Ascot cravat in a classic color such as white or black Cheap North Face Jacket. Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume To make a classic Playboy bunny Halloween costume, you will need a tight black strapless leotard and some black fishnet hose. You will also need some white faux fur, a large white pom pom and a set of Playboy bunny ears. Cut a 1 inch strip of faux fur and sew it onto the neckline of the leotard. Also sew the large pom pom to the seat of the leotard to create the Playboy bunny's tail. Find a white detachable collar, a black bow tie and detachable white cuffs. Add black high heels to finish the classic Playboy bunny Halloween costume. To create a cute pink Playboy bunny costume for Halloween, get a pink strapless leotard. Sew white faux fur fabric to the leotard's neckline. Sew a large white pom pom to the back of the leotard to create the tail, as in the classic Playboy bunny costume. Get some pink bunny ears and attach some white faux fur on the outer edge . Get a pink scarf to tie around your neck. Wear nude or white hose and pink high heels to complete your pink Playboy bunny Halloween costume. For a classic plus size Playboy bunny costume, get a black satin minidress instead of a leotard. You can also make a plus size pink Playboy bunny costume using a pink minidress. For the classic plus size Playboy bunny costume, get a larger collar and pair of cuffs. Sew a large white pom pom to the back of the skirt. Also apply a 2 to 3 inch wide band of faux fur fabric to the neckline of the costume. Make your plus size Playboy bunny costume complete with plus size black, nude or fishnet panty hose and high heeled shoes.  


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