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Nike shoes technology

Posted Jun 21 2013 9:31am


Air (Nike) is often a professional air, it is mainly conditions urethane material. Air filled a special, high-pressure gas of molecules. Once the air cushion to external shocks, it may quickly give you a buffer role, and soft feet to the floor, and will also be promptly returned on their original shape. The precise functions of Air cushioning protection, improve the purpose of a good shock absorber. Durable and lasting, that is a high-pressure injection of gas molecules, gas molecules compared to the air gap itself, and so won't be lost rather than leak. Additionally, it has excellent bending and possesses a curved groove, together with the outer end and at no more shoes with curved grooves in order that the bending of.

Light Air smart addition, it used in the end, the spot of other materials eventually, so more lightweight shoes. Air Max (Nike) 1994 was introduced, large air-cushion combination. Initially, for your U-, then the introduction of a confined air chamber for more than air Max 2, and tracheal-shaped Tube MaxAir. It's got multi-band, multi-pressure, low pressure area 5PSI, high-pressure zone pressure 25PSI. Air Max cushioning strong, in a position to provide the proper fulfillment of his legs and the knee protection, but loss in mobility. Popular in various varieties of athletic shoes, basketball shoes. Air-Sole (Nike) of the original kind of air to questionable gas would NiKe Air stuffed with a resilient layer made from synthetic rubber. In the Air-Sole cushioning ability, stability, performance and speed response to an even more balanced performance is a kind of "moderation" in the air cushion. Applicable with a massive amount sports shoes in many different the still being used.

AIR-SORE AIR-SORE air is really a thickening of the bilayer film wrapped sealed pressurized air in to the device buffer.

ANTI-INVERSION ANKLESTRAP that this anti-reverse-style belt buckle leg, the device closely Cheap Air Max 90 outside the convex section of the end to avoid ankle sprains, and intense exercise to provide greater protection and stability.

Articulated Air ( Air Max BW On Sale ) modular hovercraft to offer probably the most protection and suppleness.

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