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News:Manchester United want higher prices to sell sponsorship of the announced repurchase DHL training suit

Posted Oct 26 2012 1:04am

Manchester United's commercial development momentum is really fierce, sponsored by Chevrolet, has signed a large single before news that they will be continued on a jersey in the history of Nike sponsorship contract, last night, Manchester United also published The statement said that they have sponsorship and the DHL agreement repurchase training service aimed at a much higher price to sell sponsorship rights training suit. In 2010, Manchester United and logistics giant DHL signed and sent a four-year value of 4,000 million pounds of sponsorship contracts, which the mark has been in the Manchester United players training suit, although the amount was enough to bring many of the team shirt sponsorship dwarfs, with Manchester United with General Motors (Chevrolet) signed a new sponsorship contract of more than 500 million (2014 effective) and the other corresponding rise in sponsorship fees, Manchester United feel with DHL's sponsorship amount had already partial is low. Manchester United is about to commence and sporting Authentic Football Shirt goods giant Nike new contract negotiations, the alleged sponsorship amount will be as high as one billion in 13 years, to become the undisputed world football club sponsorship suction gold king, the Glazer family also resolute decision DHL ahead of the end of the contract, the training and are ready for a higher price clothing sponsorship rights to sell, however, DHL is still Manchester United's commercial partners.
The new season, Manchester United have two characteristics: conceding more and more reversal. League lost 11 balls, eight defensive data is nothing like a championship level team performance. The fans will miss incomparable 08-09 victory over Stoke City 5-0 Manchester United from 12 to 25, with a 3-0 win over Fulham, turned in 14 consecutive Premier League without conceding a goal! We can not help wondering how the defense of Manchester United?
Manchester United's statement, wrote: "We have successfully and DHL to discuss and June 30, 2013 ahead of the end of our training Bayern Munich Home Shirts service sponsorship contract, DHL will continue to be the sponsor of our global logistics, since we signed a sponsorship with them contract, the value of the sponsorship deal has soared, for example, we and Universal signed a world record sponsorship, so we believe we should be looking for a more optimistic strategic partner for these sponsorship rights. "if you want to vote Manchester United the most reassuring defense portfolio ,08-09 season 5 defensive array must be among the best. Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, right guard Brown, halfback partner Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, Zuobian Wei Evra. 38 League, Manchester United 24 games zero closure opponents. That season Liverpool the pressing momentum, the double play Manchester United, Chelsea, but Manchester United's steady wins fraction did not any chance to the Red Army. This season, Vidic old wounds healed continue the hanging mianzhanpai Ferdinand and Evra state of serious decline, midfielder not defensive support Manchester United appeared lost 11 balls Cheap STURRIDGE Shirt in the embarrassing situation.
10-11 season, Manchester United 8 also lost 11 balls. 3-3 level Everton 2-2 Fulham, Bolton, West Brom 3-2 win Liverpool. The first eight games of bizarre like to obtain the record of 3 wins, 5 draws, but got 14 points still came in 3rd place. 01-02 season Manchester United in the 21st century, the worst defensive performance of the first round 3-2 wins, Fulham, followed by 2-2 Blackburn ,1-1 level Villa 4-1 victory at Everton ,3-4 lost to Newcastle 4-0 victory over Ipswich 5-3 win Tottenham 3-1 to win Sunderland, 14 goals in eight league loss! Manchester United's defensive performance is very bad weekend their opponents Chelsea hold high offensive banner. The Blues scored 19 goals in the first eight, and is second only to Manchester United Premiership firepower. Chelsea powerful that the firepower of the team is very widely distributed. Right back Ivanovic League 3 goals, Cahill 2 ball, Akol 1 ball, Torres 4 ball, read more Lampard 3 ball, Situliqi ball, Azar 2 goals, Mata 3 goals . If coupled with the Oscar in the Champions League (3 goals), Ramirez (1 goal), Lewis (a ball), Chelsea almost everyone has the ability to score! Manchester United's firepower is very broad, but the main focus on Van Persie and Rooney on them, then the broad crackdown than Chelsea.
Terry will be suspended for the game against Manchester United, Lampard injury may also be absent. The DiMatteo team discharge highly offensive lineup Oscar Mata, Azar, three core behind Torres, Ramirez, one of the dual lumbar same can be sudden and shooting. Chelsea will hold high the banner of attacking football, the ability to seize the Manchester United defense instability vulnerabilities implementation of key blow? Tottenham gave Chelsea made an example, Boas sent Bell and Lennon on the wings, Defoe and Dempsey, one after the other, Dembele as midfielder also provide support, very similar to this battle with Chelsea's attack .

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