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News-benitez Youth Brazil Home Jersey satisfaction rout praised two-goal hero Lampard: Not to consider leaving

Posted Dec 24 2012 2:32am

A 8-0 victory over Chelsea completely out of the haze, but also gained confidence for the second half of last season's title race. After the game, the Blues boss Benitez talked about his view of the game, he bluntly very satisfied with the performance of the team, also praised Lewis and Torres. In addition, the field goal hero Lampard also accepted the interview, the Blue army soul comes to the future. Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of shots) not found Images Sports Images | View Atlas | (/ 20) forwarded to microblogging "in the game today, all I'm impressed!" Benitez said excitedly : "We have been saying we have to try to attack, creating opportunities, and also to do a good job in the defensive, to keep the team's morale and mental state., I think, as a team, we always wanted to have found To balance the game from either the goals or the team's RONALDO Jersey offensive and defensive balance of view, all we played a very good game one. "Obviously, Pui Shuai zero closure opponents for the game is quite satisfactory. Torres contributed to the game Chelsea staged a massacre, scored the first goal. Golden boy with the ball 7 of the past six games for Chelsea, opened the prelude to the massacre. Performance goals for the beloved disciple continuation, Benitez said: "that the ball 阿兹皮利奎 tower pass very place, the Torres header is also very beautiful. I have been saying, Torres just needs confidence, this is the most critical for the shooter he has not been the team to work hard, dedicate a lot of, we create more scoring opportunities. "In addition to Torres to regain their confidence in this field, there is a controversial player David - Lewis completed the redemption that is scored a wonderful free kick directly. The field position of the premise of the functional midfielder, Spain 2011-2013 DAVID VILLA Home Long Sleeve Soccer Jersey Lewis's performance remarkable, this generous tribute Benitez: "I said long ago, Louis both play well and the midfield, but also a good defender. Ability he stayed in the air , feet are very skilled, both tackles but also goals, there is a variety of properties. "of the game, another central figure in the Blues captain Frank Lampard. This is starting his 500th Premier League, but in the eyes of many, the magic lamp Premiership career may be too not much. Own prospects, Lampard also after the game to make a response: "I did not go to consider their own future, because Chelsea and I have a contract, everyone knows I like to play in this, I will still well prepared every game, as always, strive for every time in the game intact. club of course there will be the attitude, and I can do is work hard to showcase my ability. "the Blues midfielder show elevator Cheap England Soccer Jersey ball does not lose the the C Luo transformation kicking midfielder significant offensive talent despite the former chief kick expert Drogba leave Chelsea array has excellent footwork master is still a lot of kick, Mata, Azar Oscar and Frank Lampard who has the ability to shoot with great precision. However, in the process of the season, the location of the best free-kick, most of them give the defensive midfielder David - Lewis. And he also delivered again with a direct free kick, proved his all-round. -> 29 'Goal - Louis deciduous free kick comparable to C Lo Sports Photo Center to find pictures (of shots) not found Images Sports Images | View Atlas | (/ 20) forwarded to the microblogging born in football Kingdom of Brazil, Luis Although the Portuguese super defender made their places, but on the offensive end, but also quite strong kick stunt one. Unlike ordinary moon scimitar Louis arbitrary kicked the ball MAXI RODRIGUEZ Liverpool Away Jersey method is quite elegant, the within instep arch Tuishe, was able to hit the perfect speed and angle, this absolute need for long-term training hard. From a certain perspective, Lewis kick with Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba elevator ball "with the same purpose, and this season he has scored two direct free kick efficiency even more than C Luo also high. Course, Lewis's desire to attack, often become Chelsea's double-edged sword. Defense out of position and rough, and has gradually become the label of Louis, and he therefore had a very unhappy. Surviving on jubei Benitez whim, Lewis pushed to the midfielder position, and achieved good results. Louis retracement defender until the Club World Cup final, Chelsea lose and lose people at the same time, 10 were lost to the Corinthians, missed the world championship. For Louis Almighty, Benitez appreciate the attitude, and finally began to learn the true modifications, in the case of sufficient manpower Women's Portugal Away Jersey 2012-2013 in the halfback line, completely Louis transformation into a defensive midfielder is also a good choice. After all, in Terry's comeback, Chelsea median line has a more substantial, but rather midfielder position, lack of raids and organizational skills both Reggie Lewis regarded as a good candidate. As a defender, Louis does not have the slightest chance of mistakes, but as a defensive midfielder There teammates be protected. Aggressive Lewis won the Blues fans favorite, but he occasionally rough and out of position, but it has also brought heartbreaking. A data rather embarrassing - Chelsea losing seven games in this season, starting halfback combination are Lewis and Cahill. Two knife guard "offensive desire is very strong complementary effect is not good enough, easily defeated opponents counterattack. But having said that, there are many teams to envy Chelsea this veritable "goal king of defense", Ivanovic, Cahill and Louis trio contributed 16 goals, ability evident Antiaris.

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