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Natural Nutrition for Athletes Instead of Steroids

Posted Jun 04 2008 7:04pm 2 Comments
Why would anyone take steroids when modern technology has made it easy to consume natural nutrition for athletes?  Unfortunately, isolated vitamins and animal based protein drinks may be doing more harm than good for many who are searching for the most beneficial nutrition for athletes.

When I tell my no neck friends at the gym they can be stronger and build lean muscle up with a diet of all natural foods they look at me like I just walked out of the jungle. Let's take a look at a few of our jungle friends and find out how they got so big and strong. Then we'll explain why all natural foods provide adequate, and in many cases, superior nutrition for athletes.

First, we have a quick multiple-choice test for you. Which of these animals is a vegetarian?
A) Gorilla
B) Elephant
C) Cow
D) All of the above

If you answered 'D', all of the above, you are right! These are three of the largest animals on Earth and two of them are among the strongest animals on Earth. So, as you can see, there is no need to consume pre-packaged, artificially enhanced vitamin drinks or specially processed diet foods to build muscle up. Just as gorillas and elephants do not require massive amounts of animal protein or isolated vitamins to gain strength, neither do humans. All natural nutrition for athletes is available now to gain an edge over the competition.

For further confirmation of the power of natural nutrition for athletes look no further than some of the 2008 Olympians and professional athletes who are searching for something, besides steroids, to gain an edge. The answer, many of them are finding, is in the simple power of natural foods and drinks.
I know of one herbal supplement that has been certified anti-doping and can provide powerful nutrition for the heart. It is made with as many as 40 pounds of herbal product for each pound of formula squeezed into capsules. One of these capsules can provide more nutrition for athletes than could ever be obtained with typical health food store vitamins. The formula referred to is all natural and is made from food grade herbs, not medicinal herbs, so it is as safe as eating broccoli. Also, since it is designed to be food for the heart, this herbal supplement helps the body pump blood more efficiently to all parts of the body. That is why it is recommended as a natural supplement to increase sexual desire. That is also why this one herbal supplement helps increase bone strength. The better your blood flow, the better chance your body has to produce healthier bone marrow.

If you want to get the highest quality nutrition for athletes and maximize the value for your dollar, try incorporating all natural food concentrates and health drinks into your diet. You will have a difficult time locating them in a typical health food store. However, thanks to the Internet, you are just a mouse click away from some of the most innovative products currently providing a higher level of nutrition for serious athletes, including 2008 Olympic contenders and sports professionals. Search for natural nutrition for athletes, for an extra edge and to take your game to a new level of excellence.
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steroidsis for weak people
Hi,I couldn't agree with you more on steroids being a dangerous drug which also could end up crippling an athlete or giving him permanent health problems. Im a natural beginning bodybuilder with a goal of being a pro cricket player.The natural foods you speak of are safer and more effective and than any artificial product/drug.For example,dairy products like cottage cheese,skim milk.Natural soy bean/soy powder which I have tried which greatly enhances muscle mass due to its high protein content and prevents health disorders.Lean meats are also great source of protein which is great for muscle enhancement/recovery.Any person who wants to build muscle mass and maintain low levels of bodyfat staying completely natural and drug free should stick to real food.Also visit or which are sites that teach the same and how to live a strong,healthy lifestyle.
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