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Mountain biking helmets- Superior choice for every rider

Posted Dec 21 2012 10:13am

Biking is the most popular and adventurous activity that attracts millions of people. But especially it is high in demand among youths. Thus, if you want to enjoy your mountain biking to the fullest then you need an appropriate protective guard for your safety. During any adventurous activity, the most important area that needs complete protection is head.

Mountain biking helmets are the most suitable option for your head protection.   If you think you are an experienced biker and don’t need any protection then, you are completely wrong. Accident can take place anytime and anywhere. So, keep yourself protected and safe by using mountain biking helmets. These helmets not only give complete protection but are also very comfortable to wear.  

Mountain biking helmets generally come in two types- full face mountain bike and open-face mountain bike helmet. Your choice depends on the activity that you are going to perform. For a single track and recreational riding, open-face helmet is the optimum choice. Apart from this, if you are going for a downhill riding or dirt jumping then you require extra protection of full-face helmet. Full-face helmet generally features hand-laminated fiberglass exterior hard shell, extra thick exterior foam liner, adjustable visor and fifteen cooling vents with internal wind tunnel ventilation. Open-face mountain biking helmets are developed using in-mold EPS interior shell fused to a thin polycarbonate outer shell, Kevlar material. Further, 26 vents are present to make it more comfortable.

The most important question that comes in the mind of every mountain biker is how often they should replace their mountain biking helmets. If you are an extreme biker then your helmet should be replaced after every 2-3 years. In order to make them shock absorbing, they also comprises of unique foam pads. With the multi-layer protection, these helmets are the great choice for every mountain bike rider. Before buying a suitable helmet for yourself, you should measure your head properly as proper fit gives you complete protection. One can find countless numbers of manufacturers nowadays who endeavor to design lighter and highly ventilated mountain biking helmets.

  Your helmet should have perfect padding and it will be better if it is made up of breathable materials.   It helps to prevent sweating. Those who like cleanliness and hygiene, they should prefer a model that is equipped with removable and washable pads. Always select light weight mountain biking helmet as it is an apt choice for every rider. Now you can make your mountain biking experience more thrilling and exciting with the use of perfect head protection. Mountain biking helmets are the quality protective accessory that can provide full safety and protection to your head.

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