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Metabolic Training For Peak Conditioning

Posted Apr 26 2010 6:40am
Metabolic fitness training will get you in peak condition to play. It means that you are being conditioned at the cellular level. You can make improvements in resting heart rate, cardiac output and blood volume. Your body fat will also decrease.

Many sports such as football, basketball and soccer require different levels of strength, speed and power . For example, soccer requires constant running---jogging, half-effort sprints and maximum effort sprints. Football requires short bursts of power, sprints, jogs back to the huddle and endurance. Football also requires relative strength , which is the strength level per unit of bodyweight. Basketball requires repeated sprints, jumps and sub-maximal effort runs and cuts during the game.

Metabolic conditioning will make you a better conditioned athlete and will allow you to use your skills more efficiently for a longer period of time. The strongest and fittest players and teams at the end of the game usually end up as the winners.

Metabolic training for football players could be set up to mirror the actions, plays and situations found in a 4 quarter game. That is, the training would mimic every play in the game as well as rest periods and time between plays. The same could be done for any sport's game. The goal is for you to be physically fit to play your sport at the highest level.

Train hard and smart!

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