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Liverpool wild shot 23 feet a particular ball fetched

Posted Nov 05 2012 8:02am
La Liga 10 an emphasis campaign concluded at Anfield, Liverpool Women's Italy Away Soccer Jersey 2013 home bet on the next 1-1 draw with Newcastle left 10 people, the 2 sides shake hands. A game Liverpool are obvious advantages, as much as 23 shots during the goal, but ultimately in the matter of advantage still is unable to win, no choice but to a draw.

Liverpool home game belonging to the game is to Newcastle exert great pressure on the audience for the ball - 65.6%, and 34.4% of Newcastle, Liverpool possession rates are almost twice the opponent. Liverpool within the quantity of shots have obvious advantages, they shot up to 23 times what number of Newcastle only 11 times, Liverpool opponent twice. Even so the Liverpool shot rate of success is simply not high, only 6 of 23 shots hit the door frame range the Newcastle 11 shots shot during the doorframe range. The Liverpool audience Corners reached 14, Newcastle will only be 3x, one fraction of one's opponent.

Liverpool to 83.7% vs 76.9% passing effectiveness, have the lead, steals success rate of 77.8% vs 76.9%, slightly ahead. But pass recovery rate, Liverpool is appalling, only 2.8%, while Newcastle, 22.2% lead Liverpool a great deal. In headed scramble regard, Liverpool reach 69.6%, while 30.4% Newcastle, Liverpool still gift.

However, the pros are clear, Liverpool isn't really got the upper hand points, Newcastle counterattack but was the first to break. Ben Arfa the suitable cross under bottom Cabaye after a reason for stopping right foot world wave shot to break the deadlock. Struggling counterattack the other share of Liverpool assists, Suarez shoulder stopping by Enrique long pass go soon after goalkeeper pushed Kongmen equalizer. Coloccini AC Milan Third Jersey 2013 malicious stampede Suarez sent off, Liverpool never hold the probability to several people, eventually 1-1 regrettable and Newcastle to shake hands.

Liverpool's absolutely core still Suarez, Uruguay striker completed the action 7 shots almost one-third on the team, and also seize enable you to plunge into listeners Liverpool only goal. Additionally, 30 of his 36 passes on hand, which in turn 6 or threat passes, sent many helpless for him to mention delivering task of scoring pass to the teammate. Teenager Stirling missed Suarez opportunity to make the single-pole, Chervy and in front on the high cross missed Su dental exciting breakthrough opportunity, naturally , the Uruguayan striker so depressed. It is usually worth mentioning that Suarez the action 15 times endeavor to extraordinary successful, several breakthrough of one's regarding the neighborhood successful manufacturing opportunity. In addition, captain Steven Gerrard 600 games played for Liverpool, Gerrard war finished five shots but limited threat on goal, passing sent Twice threat passing, 3 steals and 1 interception, 1 extraordinary.

Newcastle, Ben Arfa to indicate the football talent, truly the only purpose of it happens to be from his right-sided continuous breakthrough Stirling and Enrique cross under bottom his three shot very threatening. Whole game seven times exceeded thrice successfully, also sent two passing threat in to the Liverpool defense brought no small trouble. Goals Cabaille superb offense and defense, broke the entire world wave shot goalkeeper Jones not a chance, he to carry out steals and four interceptions within the midfield, if you don't replaced owing to cramps early, along with perhaps furthermore the Newcastle create opportunities. It is composed by etude-clinique 11.05.2012 Tag: Bayern Munich Away Jersey 2013
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