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List of disadvantages for online shopping in India

Posted Jan 04 2013 12:37am
I am pretty sure that there is no need to explain you all, about the basic concept of these various online shopping Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka websites, as today this particular term has became so common to all of as that even a child is well aware of the same. But this doesnrsquo;t mean that we all are well aware of their various disadvantages as well, therefore to provide you the information related to same of them, below are few of the points which can help you in understanding this concept better. Starting with the very first disadvantage, we can find that while shopping from these various online shopping websites in India we might have to pay an extra charge in form of shipping charges, which might in return increase the total value of that product if compared to local market price (in most cases). Now if you are thinking that these various websites provide free shipping facility, then let me clear you that there are only few which are providing this service to their customer as most of them have mentioned a minimum amount we have to shop for if we are looking for a free shipping facility. Moving on to the next point in our discussion, which is related to the return policy of these various online shopping websites which are available in market Canada Goose Kids. There is no doubt to the fact that, all the various online shopping websites which are available in market are offering a return policy for the various products like digital camera they are selling, but this fact can also not be ignored that the problems one has to face while getting changed a particular product is more tiring then buying a product from a local store. Next point which is there in the list of various disadvantages, is related to the 'payment security'. We all are aware of various cyber crimes which are taking place these days, and in such conditions it is very important that the website which we are using should offer us a proper security when we opt for the option of payment with the help of credit cards or debit cards Canada Goose Dawson Parka. But unfortunately there are many online websites with are incapable of doing so. The second last point which is there in our list talks about the problem of getting a product as soon as possible Canada Goose Manitoba Parka. We all agree that these online shopping website offer a great deal of discounts on various product like digital camera or a mobile phone, but this fact can also not be ignored that after paying the amount for that particular product you have to wait for a long time before you finally use it, which mean if you have an emergency then it would be better if you look for the option of local stores. Well we have reached to the last point of our discussion and the same suggest that for using the facility of such online websites it is very important that we all should be well aware of our computer system or we can say that we all should know how to operate our computer system, but this is quite not possible if we are talking about some of the aged people. Therefore all in all we can say that, this is concept is not very much in the reach of each and every person in the world. So now when you are aware of the various disadvantages these online shopping website are bringing with them self it up to you as if you are willing to use the same or not. Poojalapasia is a well known author and has written articles, online shopping mall, LCD TV, online shopping mall, led tv price, and many other subjects. 
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