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Jordans father name is Deker Homsa

Posted Jan 24 2013 6:00am
so Johnny said we should get out of here pack our clothes and get in the car and leave. They did and they went all the way to South America. So went tey got there they stayed for 6 weeks at a hotel. When they were leaving a nasty storm came so they stayed for one more week. When they lefted the hotel they went all the way to Tokyo, Japan. When they got there they just went to sushi bar. Jordans father name is Deker Homsa. Johhny left. So Noah and Jordan left to. Joey is the one that listens.

Jordan stopped and went back. So as Johnny lwent back to. But Noah kept going. So the police deparment found him a brang him back to the sushi bar. 90s. When Jordan turned 13 his family moved to North America again. His best friend was happy to see him back in America because the tornando didnt even hit Jordans house. Jordan tured 17 in 1994. Nick his best friend went to SDB. Jordan stayed home doing a sience project.

After he was jordan 9 kilroy done he would just go on his tablet pad that he made all by himself. In 1999 Jordan was in prison all by him self crying to see his father, brothers, and Nick. So the officer would let him out for the day to see his friends and family. Went he went back he went to bed. 3 YEARS LATER. When Jordan turned 25 he got out of jail. He felt happy but when he gt married to his wife Nicole Lass. He got two video game desingners and players Jose Reyes and Sam Ryder. When his friends and family went on a cruise the boat was sinking like Titanic. They ran all the way and they.

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