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Jordan shoes: and god connected memory

Posted May 31 2012 9:38am
Jordan OL School is a continuation pairs of shoes fit Jordan the design, can now see: AJ2, AJ5, AJ7, AJ8, AJ17, AJ21 wait a few classic Jordan series of basketball shoes figure, these past classic Jordan shoes also let this kind of JordanOL jordan 4 2012 ` School particularly with the taste of nostalgia, and that this is all part of the shoes out Jordan basketball shoes, one of the few heel use full open a window in the design of air cushion design, this kind of OL ` School or very worth looking forward to it.


The magician finally took the cover in the mysterious object of GongChou, the answer in the chaos of the flash shows off his uncommon under the pedigree. When January 25, and condescending shoes Jordan 23 on display in the shop window, everything about this pair of shoes that were all made and expectations with a real scale to measure, or from far away from nearly let it be, all in all, it comes to a high and mighty high-profile-like Jordan himself.Apotheosis" has never been a commendatory word, until he was used in Jordan body. People naturally accepted a vivid and live among us god, and willing to build him an ancestral life, offered the crazy worship. Cheap Jordan Shoes When in 2003 the basketball gods finally decided to leave the stadium when, he still left a way to carry people worship, that is his shoes.

In a advocate the sky sports, the most important equipment is the most close to the ground shoes, because it gives you the ability to get rid of gravity. Therefore, Jordan shoes is called "air" the most important props of the Jordan, as fairies from the dust from his hand. Ever since 1984, when the first pair of shoes since Jordan was born, and Jordan have been used to replace every year of war boots, and more and more admirers also began to imitate the habit, this makes Jordan shoes become special. In a sense, Jordan shoes become close to Michael Jordan is the best way, in each one admirer, it seems, has its own Jordan shoes number, quality directly decides the distance with god. Jordan retro

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