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Jason kidd openly good the nets knicks

Posted Jun 19 2012 1:20pm
According to "the New York daily news, a veteran point guard Jason kidd in this summer will be in a restricted free agent's identity to test the player market, but now he is a public comment to join the knicks, the nets and two teams, and are willing to LinShuHao for being second banana, for a Chinese point guard to teach him of successful experience in the NBA.Brooklyn the nets has not yet succeeded contract deron Williams, but kidd is expressed interest in this team, of course, whether he would return to the nets most main factors still is deron would stay at brooklyn. cheap jordan retro"I that averaged more than 38 minutes of play time period has no longer,", now 39, Jason kidd said, "we (Jason kidd and deron) can be in of the nets cooperation and hope to succeed." In fact kidd is no stranger to Williams, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Jason kidd and deron two people are all in the U.S. men's basketball team.


Of course, deron presence is Jason kidd for the nets are interested in the only reason, while Dallas respect is very happy to use a Max contract signed deron, but the nets with Byrd terms so can open a long contract and contract amount also than any other team to high. In previous kidd also had said to a new contract with the mavericks, and he has publicly say that only wanted to have a year of short about, but the mavericks are the condition of the aging entangled very obvious, therefore decided to rebuild, Jason kidd obviously is no longer the mavericks contract goals.The 2011-12 season of averaging only 28.7 minutes Jason kidd's playing time, can get 6.2 points and 5.5 assists, these data are the lowest his NBA career. "Whether starting or substitute, I willing to accept, but I also hope to be able to play in the final stage," kidd said, "now is the stage, I CARES more about or game." cheap jordan shoes

The nets are also waiting for their back-up point WeiQiaoDan-farmar to make the final decision, because the time before 30 June, farmar has executive last year contract options right, but this doesn't mind Jason kidd. "The nets have a desire to win the ball boss (following HuoLuoFu)," kidd said. "he had the money."In addition to the nets besides, Jason kidd also expressed interest in the knicks, for being second banana to LinShuHao. When reporters asked about the Jason kidd, whether for the knicks have special interest, a future hall of fame point guard replied that he can enjoy the LinShuHao assisted the role. "To house this book competitors while players certainly will be very interesting," kidd said. "I only need and he share my of in this league to be able to succeed experience is what is good. jordan retro shoes

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