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Is It Spelled Vacation Or Vaca-Shun

Posted Dec 04 2012 2:15am
I don't know about you, but I need a vacation. It doesn't have to be at an exotic location. It doesn't have to be break-the-bank expensive cheap jerseys usa. I just need to get away so I can appreciate what I have when I come back. What I have might be a little dustier, but I'll appreciate it more.

The last trip I remember taking was on the ripped carpet. What I need is a mini vacation. It could be a day trip or maybe an overnight. I want to pack light - maybe a map or a camera - but no children.

I want to get away and put the "us" back in the word spouses. In the past John and I have tried to think of errands and other have-to-do's as quality time together, but spending an hour in line at the DMV or running the snack table at our sons' soccer games didn't do the trick.

Maybe we could visit a museum that has a lovely restaurant - lovely being linen table cloths, fresh flowers and waiters who come to the table instead of asking what I want from a drive-through window. Maybe we could leisurely wander the aisles of a craft show and stop on the way home for a glass of wine - hmmm, a mini vacation in good taste nfl jerseys china.

In case I felt guilty about throwing in the towel to pick up my spirits, I could buy crafts for family and friends, which I could wrap in birthday or Christmas paper. I could buy something for myself - which I could wrap in memories - something I'd use everyday - a frig magnet, a spoon holder or a kitchen timer that looked like a rooster. When I saw it, I'd smile. I'd stop whatever three things I was doing and smile.

Maybe we could drive to someplace special or take a drive to nowhere. All of these would be mini vacations because they'd have mini prices. Whom am I kidding? Even those ideas seem too stressful cheap authentic jerseys free shipping. I don't want to think about anyone but me.

What I really want to do is rent a hotel room - something a little fancier than an Economy Lodge. Room service, video rentals, a Jacuzzi, a bed I don't have to make and no responsibilities. Whoops. I forgot about John cheap nfl jerseys china free shipping. If I'm going to sell this idea, I've got to convince him a mini vacation will maximize us. 
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