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Ironman Training: What’s different this time around?

Posted Sep 27 2012 2:07pm

Those of you who happen to know me know that I am training for my 2nd Ironman.  The first one I did was back in 2008 and was an awesome, even if at times tiring experience.  It was so rewarding to have that sense of accomplishment and it made me certain that from that point on I could handle anything that life decided to hand me.  I also said to myself “been there done that!” thinking I’d never do another Ironman again.  I have to be honest I had a little bit of a burnout afterwards and in the two years after I only did a handful of triathlons and not with much thought or feeling behind them.  Don’t get me wrong I was still working out but I wasn’t as focused on triathlons.  Then I came back around and refueled my passion. 

When my dad came to me one day and said, “I’m doing an Ironman and you’re doing it with me!”  I didn’t even hesitate to answer ok but we need a plan and we need to build a base and get back into shape!  I went into instant planning mode.  Some time passed and I hadn’t heard much about it from him so I assumed the moment had passed.  Then I heard from him in November and he said we’re both volunteering as photographers for IM AZ.  Oh crap!  He was being serious!  So then we signed up the day after!  I thought how the heck did I get myself into this again?!?  

This time around as I’m training I’ve noticed a few things have been a little different with my training: 

1.  Recovery –  I’ve noticed the workouts themselves are still hard and still feel like work, but the time it takes me to recover from these workouts is a lot quicker than it was the 1st time around.  My body is used to the stress of these distances.  I don’t necessarily fall asleep for 5 hours after a long run or ride on the weekends.

2. Mental Toughness – The 1st time around I had to work on being able to run for hours on end by myself and be ok with who am and with the fact that I was slow etc. etc.  I remember I would even take phone calls on my cell to pass the time while running or took a camera to stop and take pictures along the way.  This time around I can more readily take myself out of my head and doubts and just concentrate on getting it done not on coming up with excuses.  I’ve come to terms with what kind of athlete I am and I’m proud of it! 
3. Doing this for someone else more than myself – I have found myself worrying about my dad and maybe harassing him from time to time.  :-)  Have you done your long run yet?  What are your miles up to?  What do you mean you aren’t following the training plan?  What do you mean you just do what you feel like doing?  I’m going to be real honest here he has almost given me a heart attack a few times.  I think I’m training more out of nervousness for his training.  He of course is relaxed and confident and that kills me even more! :-)  It’s an odd feeling thinking not only do I want to finish this thing but I want to be prepared enough that I can support him during this experience.  It is more important to me that he finishes than any of my goals.

4. I’m married –  Wow being married and having your husband come back from deployment right in the middle of your peak training is hard!  There is a lot of guilt associated with this.  I feel like I’m always in a hurry to get home.  My mom teases me and asks if he’s filed for divorce yet.  But I figure if I could handle being alone during his deployment he can handle being alone on some weeknights and weekends right?  It’s also harder when I’m so tired from work and my workouts but I feel obligated to still cook and clean and walk the dog.  Yes, these are all feelings I put on myself but they are still there.  Maybe my mental toughness training should be redirected huh?

5. Fears – I know this is crazy but I have had nightmares about this.  What if my finish the first time was just a fluke?  I mean I cut it pretty close 16:24 what if I don’t finish does it erase my first accomplishment?  Also I’ve always had issues with getting dizzy but lately I’ve noticed it’s getting worse.  Now I get dizzy from my long bike rides and if I come to a stop light towards the end of a ride I struggle to stand up without feeling like I’m going to fall.  I’m also worried about this for the swim.  During my last open water swim this season I got so dizzy I had to fight nausea!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle dizziness?

6. Spectators – There will be a lot more people there to spectate and cheer for us which should make me happy but it’s making me really nervous! I could write a whole post on this but won’t go into detail right now.

7. Goals –  Should I set goals?  My first time around I said I just want to finish.  Now I’m feeling should I set a time goal? Maybe to finish 1 hour faster?  I could accomplish that by just not taking 20 minutes during transitions!!!

8. Course –  I know the course YAY! I know the course Oh Oh! :-)

Happy Training!

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